Stuart Weitzman Boot Color Question!


Dec 13, 2008
North Carolina
I am loving all the Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots right now and really want to try the new Tieland style. The color "Taupe" looks so much like my Lowland Topo color. Has anyone seen these two colors together? Are they the same??

I also have some SW boots in Praline and that color is definitely darker. (AND - Is the Tieland SLATE color the same as the Lowland "Londra" gray?) I wish SW would keep the same color for every style if they are indeed the same color.

Thanks for any input and please post pics if you have them!


Dec 3, 2014
I was wondering the same thing about the Topo and Taupe. I bought a highland from SW less than a month ago and given that on the website they only have the Taupe right now, I'm assuming mine is a Taupe as well.
You should email SW and ask about the colors. I've contacted companies before about colors or old styles and they're usually pretty good at answering questions like that! Give it a shot

I'll post a picture of mine once I get home and I'll try to find the receipt to make sure it's really a Taupe color!