Stuart Weitzman 50/50 thread

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  1. #1 Nov 2, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 18, 2015
    Official thread for all things 50/50!
  2. I tried these before. Your right, they are great for girls with 14 inch to bigger calves. Post pics! I ended up getting the Steve Madden Haviland, which are practically identical.
  3. wow, great find!!!
  4. good find Dabyachunv! how's the quality so far? i have the Intyce and its one of my faves... not too crazy about the quality tho, it's only been 1 season and it's already falling apart. :-s

    will post pics soon!!

    thanks punksjunk LOL love ur username! :biggrin:
  5. Not Dabyachunv, but I also ordered the Havilands, they're on sale on Zapps now - so I think the cheapest option like that out there. I'm 5'6'' with almost 13'' calves and ordered half/size down, as suggested on the reviews, wrong - the'ye too small. They're great as long as you're not planning to wear skinnies with them, with leggings and hose they'll hug your leg just right. They cover my kneecap and are not too wode - a rare treat!. I'll be returning them though, as I want to wear skinny jeans (I have one pair of jeggings and the rest are def skinny jeans - too much bunching).
  6. I tried the MK boots on last week and IMO, they work well with very skinny, skinny jeans or leggings. They seemed to bunch up or do something weird at the ankle. I liked the look from the front, but not the back..
  7. Wow you're right.. they do look almost identical to the 5050. I love the 5050 and plan to get them in brown suede, wonder how the quality compares?
  8. I caved and ordered the MK ones, but only because Zappos didn't have the SM ones in my size. (Plus, the MK are on sale at Nordie's, and it's double points time...)
  9. Oh wow, that's a great find! I wonder if they fit girls with very small calves too. It goes to show you how fab and versatile the 5050s are that there are so many designers making their own versions. I don't think anyone can go wrong buying 5050s, Havilands or these MKs. So pretty! :yes:
  10. The 5050s are so gorg but after a completely random loss of control at Neiman's involving some Prada wedge boots today, I can't justify the price! Argh.
  11. I went to Nordstrom today not knowing that they were having the half-yearly sale and my intention was to buy Citizens Avedon skinnies and instead I left with SHOES. I couldn't justify making a purchase for my pants in addition to my other goodies. :hysteric: Sometimes you have to make those tough decisions...surely it's similar to choosing between one's children. :lol:

  12. sigh... so many things too buy so little money!!! :pout:
  13. wish i could do a side by side comparison but i don't have the SWs.... as far as i can remember the only difference was that the SW ones had thickers treads on the soles, and the zipper was a different color... although i remember i actually preferred the MK zippers because it made more of a statement and was a cool shade of silver (gold for the brown ones). i remember the leather being practically identical... soft and nappa-like. Even the stretchy fabric had the same texture and stretchiness!
  14. btw, the MK ones are pretty much almost sold out in vancouver, i had to have them special order a pair for me from toronto in my size... expecting it to arrive sometime next week! :yahoo:
  15. From the picture of the MK alone I can say there are some differences between the 2.

    The stretch fabric at the back of the 5050s goes all the way down to the sole while the MKs stop at the ankle. The leather at the front of the 5050s is one piece with only one seam horizontally at the ankle while the MKs have a seam running right up the front of the shaft. Also, the 5050s don't have a zipper, they're strictly pull-on so for those with larger calves the MKs would be easier for you to get in and out of I'm sure.

    Those are just small details really, except for the zipper thing. I hope someone grabs a pair of these and shares some mods!
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