Struggling with leather codes

  1. I am trying to get information on leather codes. The list below is one I've been collecting. I have done searches in tPF and looked on the BV site. It is frustrating, because descriptions do not include the specific leather type. The butterfly bag I just got is code VFHH0 - what the heck is that? Is there anyone who can fill in the missing information and/or correct what I have. Or better yet, is there a documented source of this information? TIA

    VCHAO = Pastel Ombre?
    VCFI0 = Club Stripe Nappa
    V0082 (V00A2?)
    V174B = Cervo
    V174C = Cervo
    V2241 = Patent Nappa
    V4190 = Perf Deerskin
    V7782 = Nappa
  2. using my ferro sloane today, it also has a V7782 code but I'm pretty sure it's nappa umbria. are there seperate codes for those?
  3. I would love to help you. Does it say somewhere on the bag or the box the bag comes in?
  4. ^ the leather code will be on the authenticity tag inside the inside pocket of the bag. Here are mine

    VOFEO = deerskin leather with python
    V0016 = Nappa on large Campana

    This is making me wonder whether the nappa codes vary from style to style??? I'll pull out the rest of the codes shortly for you.
  5. V7781 is Nappa Umbria
  6. So, there are different codes for the very same leather? I'll be totally lost then.
  7. ^One of my guesses is that it could depent on which leather it is combined on the handles with or how the bag is lined (cotton canvas or suede). Could that be a plausible explanation?
  8. I'm totally lost on their leather codes too. I've seen different codes for things that I know are all Nappa (not N. Umbria).
  9. To add to the confusion...

    V0013 - nappa on medium veneta (regent)