Struggling with last 3lb of weight loss...

  1. I've lost 18lb and only have 3lb left to go, but I'm struggling so much with these last few pounds that's it's starting to get me down. I've been following ww since mid june and have found it easy to follow and easy to stick to. Does anyone who's been through this kind of phase (I hope it's a phase!) have any advice on how to keep motivated?
  2. I am stuck on my last 7lb :push:

    No words of wisdom though :s
  3. I have some pounds to loose.... what I did in the past and will have to do now again... I'll go on a diet where I try not to eat carbs... twice 4 oz lean meat, fish, or breast of chicken, as much vegetables as you want, 2-3 pieces of fruit, no salt, 2 eggs... this always worked for me in the past.
  4. Change up your exercise routine to shock your body. If you haven't been doing weight bearing exercises, start as most personal trainers and fitness professionals will tell you that weight training will help to get rid of those last few pounds.
  5. I also agree with changing up the exercise. Don't worry! everyone hits plateaus.. it will pass eventually
  6. Those last three pounds are a *****! I actually reached my goal, but since that day I have been a bit up and down. My weight keeps fluctuating between 135 and 138! I don't really have any advice other than just keep at it. Don't let it rule your whole life. As long as you keep your eye on the prize, you'll get there eventually.
  7. The last pounds are always the worst. I got plateaued a few times on WW so don't give up. One time I actually just pigged out, gained a bunch, and then started losing again the next week. Also changing up my exercise routine really helped.
  8. Thanks girls, it's comforting to know it's not just me! I'll take the advice re: the exercise, and am also going to keep a written record of everything I eat, as I tend to track points in my head. Will report back after Tuesday (weigh day!) ;)
  9. I was struggling with my last 5 and I changed up my exercise. It instantly came off!
  10. Sounds like you've plateaued. Many women have one "binge" day to get their metabolism back in swing. I did this once and worked. Also, take a look at the Wendie (Wendy??) plan for weight watchers, many have had success with this too!
  11. I'm also struggling with my last 10lbs. How should I change my exercise? I only go on the treadmill for at least 15-30 minutes.:shame: What else should I do?
  12. do you remain at a consistent speed for those 15-30 minutes? a couple times a week do some interval workouts on the treadmill instead.

  13. You need to be on it for more than 30 minutes to burn more fat, because that is what usually takes for your heart to reach the bpm necessary to burn fat wich is about 154 bpm, that's what I was told, of course everyone is different. Try to be on the tradmill at least 30 minutes and use the aerobics mode to "shock" your body.
  14. I wouldn't worry about it too much. It may be your body's way of telling you this is your ideal weight to be healthy...who knows. But you will lose it eventually if you keep at it. I think just losing 18 lbs. is amazing....I'd do anything to lose 18 lbs...congrats on that!