Struggling to pay $$$$ for boots.


Dec 28, 2006
Bags are my thing. I can justify just about anything on a bag and clothes but shoes are something I have a harder time with. I own nice shoes but I almost always wait until they go on sale.

However, recently I've been drooling over a pair of fabulous Jimmy Choo boots that I feel are very unlikely to ever go on sale. Ahhh! Someone talk me in to it! :drool:
There are a few things that complement a fabulous bag more then a pair of fabulous shoes. Things come in order for me, bag then shoes and then everything else falls in place and you get away with wearing almost anything :yes:
miss ItsMyWorld, the perfect bag AND shoes absolutely MAKES the outfit.
i don't regret spending money on any of my nicer shoes bc they are completely worth it to me. the construction, the quality of the leather, and the design are impeccable! i get compliments on my choo pumps wherever i go, from both men and women.

shoes like jimmy choo boots are investment pieces which are often timeless classics. choo boots are HOT, so go for it!
I can justify buying expensive shoes for myself if they are classic, not trendy, and if they are good quality. I figure, why spend 1/3 or 1/4 as much on a cheaply made pair and have them fall apart when I'm walking in them or something (God forbid) and potentially have to throw them out or constantly pay for repairs, when I can spend more and get something I know has a much better chance of standing up to the wear and tear I inflict on them. Generally expensive shoes are also better for your feet, which I consider very important. I would say get the Choo boots and take care of them, they should last a lifetime. If they have leather soles, go get zipsoles put on before you wear them and watch for wear on the heels, you can get the little end caps replaced when they wear down. Go for it! Also, post pics for us to drool over. ;)
I love Jimmy Choos, too. Boots are a good investment, if they're a classic style. When you pay for quality, they will last longer, and you could get them re-soled if you still like them by then.