Struggling to decide on the perfect cles - help would be much appreciated!!

  1. Ok, so pretty soon it's going to be Valentine's day and my boyfriend has told me he'd really like to buy me another cles. I can't decide on the 'perfect' one though - I'm completely torn. On the one hand I'm thinking a vernis one in Pomme d'Amour, but then on the other I'm considering the Framboise....(I'm also thinking maybe mono - as a few people have said it holds alot more than the vernis).....PLEASE HELP :sad: (Pictures are also welcome)
  2. Damier cles is very pretty and versatile.

    I own a white MC cles which I love, but if I got another one, it would be damier (brown or azur).
  3. damier cles :yes: i throw mine around like mad

    it looks as new as ever!
  4. I use my mono like crazy..

    May be you should consider damier one..vernis is very pretty but doesn't hold as many things as mono or damier..
  5. I have brown damier! I LOOOOOVE It!! At first I wented MC cles cuz I thought MC was too expensive so I'd just get a little piece..then I looked at vernis frambois and thought the same thing, but with more research and replies from other tpf members, i found that they don't hold as much (like CC /cash/coins etc) as the damier or mono or perfo. hence I decided on the damier.
  6. I just got a Perfo Cles yesterday. I didn't know you could see right through it. Duh - stoopid me. I would go for the mono Cles since it holds more. Which other Cles do you already own?
  7. Thank you for all your posts so far!! I currently have a vernis one in noisette :smile: I love everything about the vernis line, the only thing holding me back from choosing another vernis one is the fact that my current one is slightly smaller than I'd like it to be sometimes!! I suppose it's not too bad though, considering I only really use it for change, keys and maybe the odd store receipt or too (never any cards)...
  8. I have the red epi cles, love epi!
  9. LoL...before i even opened this i was gonna suggest either a mono or a vernis cles in framboise. Yes the mono does hold more than the vernis, but the vernis colors are so pretty. I have them both anyways and seriously :heart: em.
  10. Get the Pomme d'amour cles!!!!! iT'S TO DIE FOR!!!!
    I couldn't stop touching it when I got it last night for ELUX. i LOOOOOOOVE IT! I HAVE BLACK EPI AND DAMIER 30 SPEEDYS AND A CHELSEA AND IT WILL LOOK GORGEOUS WITH ALL.
    The red is a wonderful VALENTINES GIFT.
  11. Perfo cles is growing on me...but still not sure the price for a cles (you can buy a mini pochette for that price). I also like Vernis and Damier Azur Cles.
    Sorry I am confused too.
  12. I agree I think red would make a wonderful valentines gift.:heart:
  13. Lol, well now I'm confused......mono....vernis....mono....vernis...:shrugs: I like the idea of the vernis in Pomme d'Amour - it seems like such a true Valentine's day colour....but then how can I reject the's so girly and chic!! If I had the cash, I'd buy all 3!! Damn my insufficient funds!!
  14. Do you want to match with your bags? What LV bags do u have now?
    I will buy the cles to match my bags as well...
  15. :yes: red for valentine's day it is GORGEOUS!