structured vs. soft

  1. Anyone like more structured bags like this Gucci? Seems like many of you like the feel of a soft bag and I do too but a structured bag keeps contentents nice and organized.
  2. I like a soft/structured bag. I don't like stiff shape, but I like it structured enough that it doesn't slop all over when you set it down.
  3. I love soft, slouchy bags and usually find myself using them on a daily basis, particularly if I am casual. I also love structured bags although I usually use those if I am dressed up or attending a formal event.
  4. I love both. I don't like hobo bags though because they don't have any shape to them whatsoever and just collapse when you set them down with hardly anything inside to act as a skeleton.
  5. Same here. It's so hard to find anything inside hobos; I refuse to buy them any more, even though they often look great!
  6. Wow, you know I hadn't thought about it, but now that I do, the closest thing to structured I have had in current rotation for at least the last couple of years are my Not Chanel top flaps!

    I think structured bags may subconciously have a sort of "old lady" vibe for me, growing up in the 50s, 60s, my mother, aunts, grandmother, all those older generations used structured bags exclusively, I don't remember even seeing them with anything else, and with the notable exception of the famous John Romain of '65, and less notable exceptions of a few gifts, I don't think I have ever owned structured bags!

    Thanks for Inspiring me to achieve this interesting revelation! :smile:
  7. Yep! I always feel very old when I carry a structured bag. Really formal... I wear loose clothing, so I guess I subconciously like slouchy bags that just flop around everywhere.
  8. I have a slight preference for structured bags, but I like & use both kinds.
  9. That is a very good way to describe it!

    I like my bag a bit soft so I can fit more stuff in when needed, but it has to be a bit structured so you can have all your things nicely organised.
  10. After a period of slochy hobos I now find myself drawn to more structured bags.
  11. Ditto. BTW I was looking at that Gucci, it is a nice bag. I really love it in the Burgandy. I like that you get the Dr. bag look but it is not too large.:tup:
  12. i dont like slouchy v much
  13. I like structure that's soft to the touch. I don't like 'stiff' or hard leather. I can't do the bags that slump into a pile of leather when they're not full.
  14. I like every kind of bag!!! There is something I find special about each "kind" of bag, and I love each for different reasons. Slouchy is fun for more casual days and structured are better for more formal. Today I am using my LV Milticolored white murakami speedy, but tomorrow I might use a slouchy hobo, all depends on my mood and outfit!
  15. I love both! Most of my bags are a pretty structured shape, but with soft leather. I love the Gucci!