Structured GSTs soften up eventually??

  1. I have been reading other threads about the "softer" GSTs, different leather being used....

    Which got me to thinking--- :confused1:

    Those of you that have the regular "structured/boxy" caviar GSTs.....Do they eventually soften up/give?? If so, how long did they take to lose some of it's shape and become more "broken in/soft". Just curious.

    TIA!!!!!!!!! :yes:
  2. I've only had mine for about three months and it's softened up quite a bit since I got it.
  3. Thx Karman!! :yes: That's good to know...I could enjoy the structure for awhile, then enjoy the softening process as well. :tup:
  4. glad to hear it does not take that long to soften up as I prefer the look of the GST when it has lost some of it's boxy structure
  5. it will loosen up after use, just like mono canvas, but lay GST flat when store it, so the corners will not get smooshy/folded with time of use & weight of GST :smile:
  6. do the same things (lying flat, softening) apply to the PST? or not because PST is smaller?
  7. I always hang my GST on my door knob. I've only had it for about 2 weeks now so I can't tell yet, but from what I've gathered it does soften up with time. Some people like this, others don't. I guess it's a matter of personal preference. I saw a lady with a really beat up GST where the bottom corners were totally caving in. I think that happened because she didn't take good care of it though (proper storage, overstuffing the bag). Really, any bag that isn't taken good care of will get beat up like that. If you take good care of your bags, I don't think the GST will get to that point.

  8. Oh, this is good to know- thank you!:tup: