Structured Bags vs. Slouchy Bags


Do you prefer structured bag or slouchy bag?

  1. Structured bag that holds its shape

  2. Slouchy bag that's soft and more flexible

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  1. Just wondering what you ladies' opinions on this is. Do you prefer a more structured/rigide bag or something softer or slouchier? Why?
  2. I forgot to add that I prefer structured bags because they hold their shape over the years and look more formal. I tend to prefer things taht are dressier. The only exception is if the bag is a hobo, in that case slouch is fine with me.:yes:
  3. Both! Love a slouchy for "around town" and a more structured bag for occassions.
  4. i have always been more of a structured bag gal. however, since joining this forum, i find myself starting to like slightly slouchy handbags.
  5. I like super soft, structured bags.
    I don't like them so slouchy they fall over, but I also can't stand stiff leather bags.
    I like them in the middle. :smile:
  6. I prefer the more structured bag during the work week. It's an easy in and out.

    On the weekend, I tend to wear more trendy and slouchy bags because I am more casual.

    So, I use both.
  7. I'm the same way...I love a structured shape with really soft leather. :love:
  8. Before I joined this forum I only liked structured bags, but somehow you girls influenced me to like slouchy bags (but not so slouchy that they totally collapse into themselves when placed on a chair or table). That's why I got the Dior Gaucho :smile:

    Structured bags are usually prettier and/or more professional/formal, whereas slouchy bags are stylish and convenient. One thing I don't like about structured bags is that (over time) if you overstuff them they can look lumpy and awkward.
  9. Both!!!! I'm a big proponent of having different style bags for different occassions/uses/outfits...
  10. same here. i call most of my bags "softly structured":biggrin:
  11. Both :P
    Love the variety.
  12. Hard to pick just one!

    In general, I prefer bags that will hold their shape. That's because they will work with most all of my wardrobe at work or in casual wear.

    I've ventured into slouchier bags since joining this forum, but that will always be the minority of my handbag collection.
  13. i love both.. it really depends on the occasion...... i have lots of structured and very few bags that slouch.. i try to use some of them at a time..
  14. I like my smaller bags to be structured and my large bags to be big and slouchy.
  15. ^^Exactly what I was going to say. Especially for really small evening purses.