Struck Gold and Silver :-), my new chanel bags

  1. Hello lovely ladies, I used to be such an LV addict. Don't get me wrong I still love the brand. But I find myself loving another brand and this of course is CHANEL:graucho:. In a matter of months I have tried to add to my collection and these are 2 of the latest additions to my collection.

    Presenting my:

    Gold East/West flap from chanelboy and My light siver cotton club tote.

    I am loving both of these bags. And I am excited to share them with you!:nuts:
    29062007359-small.jpg 28062007353-small.jpg 29062007358-small.jpg 29062007360-small.jpg
  2. This is the next bag that I am aiming for. . . as you can see from my signature!

    I am totally loving the RED jumbo caviar classic flap with new chain. Hope I can find one. . . If not I will settle for a medium size:graucho:

    Photo courtesy of Personal Shoppers.

  3. Congrats!! I love your Light Silver Large Cotton Club Tote!!
  4. Wow, love the gold e/w flap and the silver Cotton Club tote! That's a sparkling collection you have!
    Good luck on finding the red Jumbo!
  5. Gorgeous bags!! I love that gold e/w flap!!
  6. Both gorgeous bags! Congrats!
  7. That e/w flap is a stunner! Congrats on the new bags!
  8. Great choice. Both bags are pretty. Congrats.
  9. LOVE them both!!!!! CONGRATS! :tup:
  10. LOVE metallic bags...congrats!!! :yahoo:

    Good luck with your search for the red jumbo...such a hot bag!!!
  11. thanks everyone! I am delighted with these new bags!
  12. Great bags.
  13. Great bags......I have yet to see the gold one IRL. They are 2 beauties!!!!
  14. the gold is a real bling bling bag. Really an attention grabber!
  15. I love them BOTH!!! Congrats on two very different yet stunning bags :tup:.