Strongly Discouraged...Long Post

  1. Ok. This is going to be very long.

    I've been buying LV's for the past 4 years. They are the only handbags I own anymore. Recently my SA got transferred to another store which is accessible to me, but only when I have a whole day to spend to get there. I decided that since I live in NJ and live by a ton of malls, I'd go to a different LV than my usual, since I heard the SAs there are nice.

    So, that is what I do. I had nothing specific I was looking for, maybe the LVOE bandeau, something to hold change, and a checkbook wallet. Anyway, I get into the store and there is a young male SA who asks me if I need help. I ask him if he has the LVOE bandeau and he says they never came in, but was quick to give me a business card, wrote his name on it, and told me to call the store to see if they got it in. Then he walks away, never asks if there is anything else I'm interested in.

    I wasn't done. But ok, maybe he was in the middle of something. So another SA asks me if I need help and I say yes, that I came in for the bandeau but they didn't have it. She takes me back by the scarves and goes through the drawer looking for it, and then starts talking about putting the scarf in her hair, going on and on about how SAs are supposed to wear one around their neck, and telling me all of this irrelevant information. Then she just walks away. Never asked me if there was anything else I was looking for.

    I make my way to the front of the store where they have the small accessories and I stood there for a bit waiting for an SA when the same male SA from before comes to help me. He takes out 2 things I wanted to look at when a woman comes up next to me and says "can I get the keepall 55 with a strap?" He asks me if I want what he took out, I kindly say no, and without saying excuse me, he leaves.

    I figured this was the last chance I was going to give any SA to get some undivided attention. I saw they had some Icons book left so I grabbed one and made my way to the back of the store again where they had the catalogue. The security guard asked me if I needed help with anything and I say "I'd like-" when all of a sudden the store manager (I'm assuming it was the manager) grabs him by the arm and say "I need to talk to you," and she takes him behind a door. He comes out, goes back into his position, and then starts playing with his cellphone, as if I wasn't there! Then I stood in the back of the store with my fingers in pages in the catalogue, because I wanted to see checkbook covers and a poche toilette. I waited for about 10 minutes, walked towards the front of the store, threw the book back on the shelf, the security guard looked at me, I smiled, and left.

    Never in my life had I been treated so poorly. These SA's were NICE to me when I first walked in, but it was like they weren't allowed to spend more than 2 minutes with me. I was, in my opinion, dressed very well, and using my damier saleya (if that matters to them or not).

    Anyway, the whole point to this post was that I was very strongly discouraged from buying what I wanted. Earlier in that shopping trip I had made my way into Chanel where a male SA was super sweet to me. After leaving LV, I went back into Chanel and bought my first peice. I was just so fed up with the :cursing: service from LV. I don't think I'm exaggerating, as my sister was with me and agreed it was quite ridiculous.

    Now it's to the point where I feel like selling a lot of my stuff. I don't want to regret doing it, but all of this happened Friday and I'm still very bitter. It's not like a SA was outright MEAN to me, but their lack of interest as me as a customer put me over the edge. And never had I seen a store so damn messy! There were bags out all over the counters, dustbags thrown all over the place, and no one behind the counters! There was a long line at register, and again, no one behind it! Never in my life had I seen a LV store like that! It seemed VERY unorganized.

    Anyway, I don't know what to do. I don't want to regret selling my bags, but I feel horrible carrying them. I feel like the SAs representing their company should be ashamed of themselves if they can't keep a customer in their store and THEY AREN'T EVEN THAT BUSY. When I went to another high end designer store and ranted, a SA told me she heard the same exact things. Never have I been so close to giving up my favorite thing. :crybaby:

    It's not that hard to say "excuse me for a minute," is it?! That's all I was asking for. Acknowledgement. Someone to help me find what I was looking for, (a lot of what I wanted wasn't on display), and someone to give me a few moments of their time. I felt like I was asking for too much.

    I was thinking that maybe I'd need to visit my old SA in his new store to get myself back into things. But then again, I don't know if it's worth it. I can't wait to tell him this story though, as the male SA said he used to work with my old SA, but didn't really talk to him anymore.

    Anyway, would anyone else be discouraged? Am I just exaggerating? Should I start selling some of my stuff? This whole situation made me not want to look at any of my LV anymore. Bleh. Help. :crybaby:
  2. I'm sorry to hear you had such poor service! I completely understand why you would feel the way you do. Some SA's need to realize that they could be affecting peoples continued purchases at the store by the way in which they are acting. ANNOYING!
  3. They probably just wanted to stand around and chit chat instead of helping customers. I have been to stores like that. The employees are all goofing around, and when you walk in they want to get rid of you as soon as possible so they can continue goofing around.
  4. Yah I've had no-so-good SA experiences too. I ended up buying from the LV counters at Holts instead.
  5. I certainly feel that you have been treated in a shabby manner, however, I wouldn't let their bad manners affect how you deal with something you obviously love. The bags you have were sold to you by a SA who was very nice to you...why get rid of your bags for some silly gits? I would definitely get into the Sales Managers face about this. Rude behavior continues until someone speaks up about it in a matter of fact way. JMHO
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible experience. I've had bad experiences before and I can understand how you feel. I don't htink you are exagerating at all!!
    It's weird but sometimes a bad experience sounds not as bad when you type it out for some odd reason. Ive had terrible experiences before and when I tell the story it doesnt equate to how bad it actually was. Nevertheless, I would be very upset as well. As customers, we deserve to be treated nicely and sometimes we dont always get that treatment. I understand how you feel about wanting to sell your bags... once I purchased a necklace I loved and the SA who had helped me with it was incredibly rude and mean, as much as I loved the necklace I just had to return it as everytime I saw it or wore it, I thought about that day. It sucks how sometimes a mean SA can affect you that way. But since you didnt buy your bags that day, I would hold off on selling them as you may regret later on. I say try going to a different LV stores. Some stores run completely differently. I've had both good and bad experiences at LV it often just depends on the person or the store. I hope you feel better!!
  7. This happened to me the last time I went into the Atlanta LV & there may have been 4 of us customers in there.
    Never should we be waited on or judged by the clothing we wear. I would become an SA's best customer there if they would just treat me the way I get treated at any other store. In fact, LV should treat us better. We should be made to feel that we are the only person in the world right that minute.
    And for the person who interrupted your exchange with an SA, either she is clueless or she had been "walked off" from just the way you were.
    I have no room to talk as I was treated that way last time I was in the store. I just bought a little inclusion bag charm by the time I left & ended up getting my riveting bag from a well-known seller on eBay instead of from the boutique. What I'm slowly getting to here is that you should chew the manager out, just as I should have after my last visit.
    Do let the mgr. know that you're to the point of selling off your collection as your last visit left you so unhappy. I'll do the same at my LV & then let's compare notes, OK?
    Can you tell your thread has left me just as pissed off as I was when I had my poor experience? This really does last a long time. Mine was over a month ago & I'm still angry.
  8. something very similar happened to me, when i first started getting interested in LV, I only look about 15 (im 19) and i thought thats why i got treated so badly there. I was shocked- id never been treated like that in any other stores (dior, gucci etc). I was angry and emailed LV HQ- they sorted it straight away and the manager rand and apologised over and over again, she also sent me a bookmark as a sorry gift. I really think you should email LV, they hate this poor service thing! Dont sell your bags just because of some silly SAs!! xx
  9. I'm sorry you felt mistreated, but next time I think you should speak up. If you need something, go up to any SA and ask. I personally never wait for an SA to come over and say 'hello', I make the initiation, thus *I* am in control. Of course, i'm not rude, I smile my sweetest smile, say hello, how are you? and tell them exactly what I want. If they don't have it, I tell them to start a waitlist or call me, and I don't give SAs a chance to tell me what *they* would do such as contacting me back. What I find is that if you don't speak up (like how I used to do), the more the SAs will think that you just want to roam around without buying.:yes:

    Also... I don't understand why you would sell your lovely collection after 4 years?... You say that you were treated well by your regular SA who got transferred, so it doesn't make sense that just because you were mistreated once by a random SA that you'd think of selling your entire collection... You buy LV because you love their products, and not the SAs... If one SA breaks your heart, s/he should not be the factor that breaks up your collection.
  10. i totally agree with cecilia here. in light of this experience, it seems that it is even more worthwhile to make the trip out to see your regular SA who treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

    i've had bad experiences at other LVs (being completely ignored, etc.), but i didn't give up on LV at those times.
  11. I'm so sorry this happend to you. (( HUGGGSSSS )). But please don't let what some people do cause you to sell your precious LV's. Some people are just plain rude. Although I love my SA and others that have helped me, she has told me of someone that was that rude. Luckily, she no longer works there. I can understand where you're coming from though. If that happend to me, I'd probably be annoyed for a while. I would go back and speak to the manager about the bad service you received and take names. So that if nothing is rectified, I would write to LV headquarters and tell them about your experiene. I would list the names of each culprit! But please don't let go of your LV's. Especially since you really love them. I would only sell if you no longer liked them anymore. I hope it works out for you.
  12. ITA, you should have received better service, but I find I rarely recieve poor service, because if no one one is being out going, I am...I don't uite understand why when the SA gave you is card was walking away you didn't say something like, oh, excuse me, there were some other things I wanted to look at......really it's that simple.
  13. Thank you everyone! Like I said, it wasn't like an SA was downright rude to me, (I HAVE dealt with that before), but their lack of interest really bothered me. It wasn't just one SA that was rude, it was two, plus the managers odd gesture toward the secruity guard which set me off.

    I agree with ArmCandyLuvr. I feel like the SAs loved BSing with the customers more than helping them. Like I said, when it came to talking about scarves and how it was store policy for a woman to wear one around the neck, the SA kept going on and on about it. Also she kept going on and on about how she treats customers so nice, whether they are going to buy something or not. Funny that there was nothing she was showing me at the time because she was too busy talking about herself.

    These SAs were clearly, very quick to move on to another customer. I didn't want to be rude (although they were being rude) and try to get in another customer's way of looking at what they wanted to look at. The funny part is once I entered the store, the SA's seemed so nice and I was so excited that I found a store close to home. Like melikemochi said, I feel like seeing the LVs all over my bag just reminds me of what LV stands for to me now: crappy service. I've been using my damier and epi bags ever since. (Since sadly, LV is all I own.) vbmenu_register("postmenu_2370300", true);

    I guess I'm just fed up with the sh*tty service at LV when I KNOW I can get treated 1000x better elsewhere. Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, they are all so nice. LV is ALWAYS the exception.

    Thank you everyone for your replies. I'm still pretty pissed about the who knows what I'll do. I'm thinking of giving my mom a cles or two, and my sister my mini looping...I guess it's safe to keep the stuff in the family for awhile rather than sell right away.
  14. I'm sorry you received such poor service. Have you thought about writing a letter to complain?
  15. No one was downright mean so I wasn't sure if it was appropriate? :confused1: