strong smell on ps11

  1. hello. it's me again from this thread.
    so the ps11 arrived and it's gorgeous, but it has a really strong smell, not the pleasant smell of my ps1, but something stronger, less pleasant leathery smell....... has anyone else had this experience? In terms of the markings on the leather i mentioned in the other thread, i think it's just me getting used to the more textured leather than my ps11.

    apologies for the not so great smartphone photo.

    thanks for your thoughts.
  2. I had nothing but expensive leather smell with my PS11. But I do remember years ago having an almost basement smell on a MJ Stam I got from a MJ boutique. It went away after a couple days. I left the tags on just in case the smell wasn't going to go away. So maybe let it have air for a few days? It looks good from the photo (I don't see any markings).
  3. Had the same problem with other bags ( not a PS bag) and I just aired it out for a couple of days. I hanged the bag in the living room and opened the bag so the smell from the inside would also disappear.

  4. I know exactly what you mean! I had the same problem with my black textured PS11.
    I already owned the saddle PS11 and that didn't have a strong smell when it came home, so I contacted both net-a-porter (where I bought it) and Proenza Schouler and asked why the strong smell and also for clarification of the leather type used in the bag.
    PS didn't bother replying but NAP advised it was definitely calf ( I was afraid it was pigskin because the smell was so strong!) and just a result of the dyeing process :hrmm:
    That was a few months ago now and the smell is less evident but it still smells different from my saddle PS11.
  5. thanks for the input. yes. i think ill try letting it air out for a couple days and see if it subsides. i still have a bit of time to decide if i want to keep it.

    weird, right? i wonder if i should email the corner and ask. but i guess ill try the airing out. i like the leather smell of my ps1 but the smell on this is just not good..... hopefully itll go away as the bag is beautiful and i got a good deal on it.
  6. i figured out what the smell reminds me of. a fishy smell!! gross. trying the airing out method now.

  7. now that i pinpointed the smell as reminding me of fish, i did a search and there's a good number of posts in the purseforum about people having a similar issue with other bags/leather items.... hmmm.
  8. I know, the smell is bad!
    To be honest if I hadn't ripped off the tags and taken my black PS11 out as soon as I got it, I may well have returned it because of the smell. Because I'd already road tested my saddle PS11 (& loved it!) & I was running out the door when my black PS11 arrived I took tags off right away and used it before I noticed that it smelled weird :shame:
    Anyway, it IS better now than it was brand new. Still a way to go though :rolleyes:
  9. I feel so lucky I got one (also from NAP) that smells good. Does anyone have any clue what the fish smell is from on the other boards?
  10. I wonder (if you decide to keep it) if you put a packet of baking soda in a box with the bag also inside if that would help?
  11. so it's been a few days and while i'm a bit congested from allergies/cold it appears that the awful smell has subsided a bunch from just airing out. i'm going to give it a couple more days, but i think it'll be ok. i may also try the baking soda idea.

    in terms of the origin of the smell, i read on some other threads that it might be related to the leather being treated with fishoil during the tanning/dying process?
  12. I know this thread is older, but I just have to know if this is going to get better:

    I really love my new grape jam PS1 - it is such a beautiful bag. I totally plan on keeping it, but what is bothering me is the smell!! It is like a plasticy smell, like cheap target brand bag leather. I read up on it, as it seems other people have had this issue & it seems it most likely is from the leather being sealed with fish oil (?) or possibly the way the bag was stored in the plastic. I smelled the plastic bag that it came in & sure enough it had an awful strong, chemical smell. I do know for a fact that if clothing sits in the heat or is sealed in plastic, like those rubbermaid containers, they will absorb the smell. I had clothes that had that & even after bunches of washes I could not get the smell out.

    Please tell me this goes away with time!! I was shopping at the store today & smelled it, I was trying on shirts at the mall & even my shirt has the smell from rubbing against my bag! Worse yet, my fingers smell like chemically plastic now too from handling the bag! This stinks (no pun intended) because otherwise I love this bag - hopefully it will get better with time. I guess I could try airing it out or storing it with baking soda.

    BTW, it is definately authentic, so no worries about that. My 2 Chloes from the same dealer have the most wonderful leather smell 2, 3 years later.
  13. Sorry. Cant help with the question. I wound up returning the bag because even if there hadnt been the fishy smell i wasnt into the texture of the leather. I had read about trying the baking soda route. Good luck.
  14. Thanks anyway! Today, 2 days later after the bag has just been airing out in my room, the smell is less strong. Hopefully with each day it will get better, although after I touched it my hands smelled, yuck! But I do love the color & leather, it looks very durable & I just enjoy looking at & using this beauty. I just wish this bag had that yummy leather smell that my Chloes have. Sigh