Strong Sales Boost Coach Net 31%

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  1. Published: Wednesday, August 02, 2006, WWD
    Strong Sales Boost Coach Net 31%
    By Vicki M. Young
    NEW YORK — Consistently bringing to market fashionable handbags and accessories drove Coach Inc.'s fourth-quarter sales up 23 percent and pushed profits up nearly 31 percent.
  2. It's no wonder.. they moved production to China and raised prices. They'd have to be the lamest company on earth with a crippled duck for a CEO to not make any profits after that.

    I still love them anyway though :lol: Thanks for the info sonya :flowers:
  3. Well I guess theyre getting what they wanted.
  4. Yeah of course sales are up, all they do is push employees to abide by UPT and have to sell an average of 1.5 units daily.
  5. I bet most of it is from members on tPF:P LOL!!
    Thanks for letting us know Sonya
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