Strong Perfume Smell on My BN Paddy

  1. Help! I was over the moon yesterday when my black US Shopper arrived from Nordstrom--the very last one in the company. The leather is lovely and she doesn't look at all used but she smells so strongly of perfume (not mine) and the lock and key are all scratched up. Is there anyway to get this smell out?? I guess I wouldn't mind so much if I bought the bag used or even on sale, but I paid full price for her. What to do????
    Here is a picture
  2. ^ I'd ask for a partial refund, as it is, obviously, not right that you have ordered and paid for a new bag that smells of someone else's perfume and that has a scratched lock and key.

    I think 20% would be fair - to cover replacing the lock and key and the inconvenience of having to do so and tolerate/try to get rid of the smell.

    I think the perfume smell will gradually fade, if you air the bag out, BTW.
  3. yes, I agree, on a nice day, set her outside in the sunshine on her dustbag and the smell really will lessen after that.

    wonder what her story is then ;) could smell of alot worse things tho I suppose lol :biggrin:
  4. Get two boxes of baking soda and the box the bag came in. Cut the baking soda boxes open to create a wide opening.

    Put one inside the bag (it's ok if some gets into the bag, you can shake it out or vaccuum it out).

    Put the bag inside the box

    Put the second baking soda box inside the box, outside the paddy.

    Seal the box.

    Open in 48 hours and you should be relatively smell-free.
  5. PS. I bought a grenat loaf on eBay it reeked of god-knows-what. I used the above treatment to de-stinkify it and it worked like a charm.

    Good luck!!

    I hate smells of any kinds on my bags. I never use perfurme, don't smoke, etc. ACK.
  6. Wow what a great idea--thanks!!!!!
  7. Great suggestion HM. Good luck Green

    I do however think its shocking that a department store sells this like this at full price - I personally would be taking back and hope to find one somewhere else.
  8. I once bought an MJ wallet that had a cigarette smell and I used "Oder Eaters" strips (cut them to fit) inside it for a while. ( A few weeks:smile: There are also sprays that you MAY be able to use on the inside, but the "Oder Eaters" worked like a charm. I don't know if I'd recommend putting the Chloe bag out in the sun. I think that could fade the leather and it may make it "wrinkly" if it's hot where you'd have to be very careful not to overdo that. I DEFINITELY think that they should give you 20-30% off! I'd talk to the manager of the store if need be. Plus they should apologize. On second thought, they may be able to replace the lock AND get the smell out for you!:wlae: But...I have to say I LOVE that handbag! I have two of them in black! :nuts:
  9. Ooooh how upsetting, Sorry to hear that. Before you de-stinkify the bag I would take it to Nordies so they can smell it and ask for some sort of discount. Thats not acceptable for a full price bag:wtf: .
    On another note, that is a gorgeous bag I can see how you fell in love with it:yes:
  10. ITA!
    If you paid full price, you should get a perfect bag.:yes:

    Congrats, too, btw. Enjoy your new baby - i'm glad you found her!;)
  11. If I could find another one anywhere in the world I would buy her and return this one. Unfortunately after weeks of searching I have had no luck. I even tried to talk Beanie out of her extra black with no luck :boxing: . I am headed to Nordstrom tomorrow and I will bring it and talk to them. I returned a different one a couple of weeks ago that had a hole in the leather but a perfect lock--perhaps I can change out the lock then the only thing I will be dealing with is the smell :sick:
  12. LOL:rolleyes: Yeah, my daughter almost wrestled me to the ground when I got my first black one, but she eventually found one for herself at it would have been WW III around here. (I keep the extra black at my condo downtown in Chicago...I live, most of the time, in the 'burbs:smile: :smile: That is a great idea about swapping the lock. I don't think it will be hard to find a black lock in any case, since the stitching should be the same as the current black bags from Chloe. I DO think that you should be able to get the perfumey smell out. At least that's better than a cigarette smell! :yucky: There are lots of deodorizers on the market for wearable items. Most of them have chemicals embedded in them that simply absorb the odor. (I'm finally spelling it right!:p )
    Keep us posted.:jammin:
  13. Green_eggs, with hmwe46's suggestion of baking soda, ITA, take a look for the newer Arm&Hammer boxes, they have some kind of plastic side for maximum exposure to the miracle stuff w/out a mess. :smile:
  14. hmwe46!! You know *ALL* the tricks!!! :p


  15. That's a really good idea! thanks for sharing it :smile: