Strong Kelly Craving again, and I need serious advice on this croc. Kelly...

  1. Hi, I am not even done with my Kelly longue dilema. Anyway, having Kelly Longue makes me want another Kelly in exotic. I NEVER bought anything outside of Hermes before. So, I am really scared of even thinking about buying anything from e bay. But, I found this croc. Kelly... I think forum members said that he/she is a trustful seller. What do you think of this Kelly? Is it a good price? Does anyone have experience or heard about this seller? I think price is very reasonable considering it is 35 cm and porosus with 'I' stamp. If I decide to get this one, maybe I should get a store credit for Kelly Longue rather than exchanging to another Kelly. Please help me...I have NO idea who is trusful seller or resonable mark up...etc. Big thank you to you guys, always!!!:flowers:
  2. I've never bought from Mightykismet but I've heard others saying good things about her. The price she has is VERY reasonable for a porosus 35cm glazed Kelly. If you love it, I think you should definitely go for it. I think it is a very beautiful bag! :love: As for your Kelly Longue, if it's not "talking" to you, then I'd return it for a store credit and wait for something else to come along. Just my two cents (and I know they ain't worth much).:flowers:
  3. Can I just be you for one day???! LOL
  4. aspen: :girlsigh: :girlsigh: :girlsigh: (cannot come up with adequate words for that beauty!!!)
  5. Aspen, I will be the voice of reason for once...(yes, shocking I know...:P )

    Don't get it. As tempting as it may be (esp. considering how much I absolutely adore chocolate crocs:girlsigh: ), I would not get it if I were you for a couple reasons.

    (A) I've seen TONS of chocolate crocs on ebay so if you pass on this, I'm sure another will pop up sooner or later.:yes:

    (B) Yes, I've heard of this seller but the feedback was mixed.:blink:

    (C) If you don't like your longue and decide to return it, I'm sure that you'll encounter a chocolate croc at your neck of the woods sooner or later.

    Besides, it's always safer to buy directly from the boutique, no?

    So just sleep on it, kay?:sleepy: Good luck on whatever you decide.:flowers:
  6. Ok....I'm completely with hermes_lemming on this one. She makes total sense, Aspen. Wait.....sleep on it.....then if you still love it, buy it directly from the store if you can. OK?

    and don't look at that web-site again for a few days!!!!!!
  7. I agree too with hermes_lemming. If there are other chocolate croc Kellys in 35 then buy from the boutique...ask your SA first if she/he thinks one will come to the store.
  8. I don't know!! The bag looks very nice, of course...and it seems the seller is legit....if you're like me, the waiting would be impossible! Are you sure you want the croc in the 35 size? Maybe by now you've slept and will wake up with different thoughts....I also don't know how often they actually do come in the stores....
  9. I have mixed feeling...

    I really agree with hermes_lemming in so many ways, but I also agree with Shoes319.

    My biggest thought here is a 35! Are you ready for a 35? That is quite large in a Kelly. Have you ever tried a 35 on you?

    Also...what is the boutique price? is gorgeous, but the size is my concern right now.
  10. It is absolutely gorgeous, but I hate to see you pay this much and not get it from the boutique. And since you are such a great customer, I am sure SA would be happy to help find or SO a croc Kelly for you. Just take some time to think this one over- no need to rush into this. There will always be another one out there for you!!! Good luck with whatever you decide!!!
  11. ok here are my thought ( but the ladies practically already said it all)

    -35 cm kelly croc is overwhelming in reality. even more then a 35 cm birkin. i am over 6ft and thin and believe me it looked :Push: on me and also very "up in your face"
    -are you 100% sure about the colour as brown glazed croc in such a huge bag reminds me of poodle poo sometimes cocoan is much more pleasing to the eye
    -think about the money. it was very hard for me to not buy from a reseller(hence i am bagless and deperate:lol: ) but i figuered out if i get all the bags from resellers i could get nearly the double amount of bags from the boutique (that includes 100% guarantee a nice experience etc) that was enough for me to not buy them through resellers not the money blown
    -but mightykismett is a legit reseller that is for sure
  12. Wow! I just got up, and read all these thoughtful messages from you guys. I love you guys!:heart: :heart: :heart: !!!! What can I do without you forum members!:flowers:
  13. Thank you Aspen....we're here to help....(and enable, of course... :yes:)

    LILACH....poodle-poo??????? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: you crack me up...
  14. I agree. Its a beautiful bag, but don't make an impulsive move you may regret later. Seems like I have heard mixed reviews about this seller as well. And I definitely think its safer to buy from the boutique as well. You KNOW its authentic without a shadow of a doubt.
  15. Thank you!!! Yes, I should stick with my usual and the only method of getting my bags-FROM HERMES ONLY!!!:yes: :P