Strong chemical smell on Box Bag


Sep 4, 2006
My house was burgled this year and the thieves stole my entire bag collection, jewelry, even shoes!

I'm in the process of replacing my collection, among them two Celine box bags which I purchased with old logos 5 to 6 years ago.

I just received my new black medium box today and it has a super strong smell of chemicals. I feel nauseated after sniffing it. My old Celine bags smelled like a new car even after years of use.

Has anyone experienced this? Is it just the new bags or did I receive a dud?

I purchased via Departement Feminin in Toulouse which is an authorized retailer.
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Nov 10, 2020
Hello ophy! I purchased a classic medium box in camel today from the Celine store in Soho in NYC. I got it home and the smell is quite overpowering, like intense leather with a touch of sulfur. My husband says all he smells is leather, but wow it’s intense. It’s currently sitting on my dresser “airing out” and it’s all I can smell in the bedroom. I’ve checked the bag over in the store and again when I got home and it seems legit. I just can’t get over the smell