Stroller - which one do you use/is your favorite?

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  1. I just bought an uppababy Cruz for #2 due soon. We had a bugaboo for our first son and he outgrew it soon after turning 2. His head was too tall for the shade to cover him. He was about 35 pounds. I won’t buy another bugaboo unless they up their weight/height limit. Uppababy is 50 or 55 pounds.
  2. The new bugaboo fox has a weight limit of almost 50 lbs. I’m expecting my first in may & just bought one. It handles like a dream!
  3. The Stokke Xplory.
  4. Bumbleride Indie. I wanted a jogger.
  5. We love our nuna mixx2
  6. When I had 1, it was the BOB every day. With 2 on some days it would be the Graco sit n stand, or the double Bob. Now with 3, my 2 daughters are older and I opt for using a baby carrier whenever possible but also have the Mountain Buggy with Bassinet. Will switch to Bob when he's older
  7. Nuna IMG_7816.jpg
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  8. City Select!
  9. We had a Bugaboo Cameleon 3 in for DD, I loved it when she was tiny, but as we use public transport on a daily basis it soon became too bulky/heavy to use on the bus etc. We then got an Uppababy G Luxe which DD used for about 6 months but weren’t happy with the quality for the brand/pricing and so managed tor return to the vendor we purchased it from. DD doesn’t use a stroller often these days (she’s now 3.5) but we have a Silvercross Pop which my mum bought for her as a present. So far it’s great and I wish we had got it a lot earlier! I would highly recommend it and as far as I am aware it is the only stroller that can support a weight of up to 25kg (most only go up to 15kg).
  10. HESBA. So comfortable, the only way to get my second kid out of it was to move to the Sates. But also, a dream to carry. While the chasis of this was being fixed I got a Bugaboo for a couple of weeks and I remember that as a nightmare.
    Made in Germany, hand assembled and hand stitched.
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  11. wow beautiful
  12. DH and I just bought the Uppababy Cruz for our baby girl due in April. Can't wait to use it!
  13. Has anyone used an iCandy? Thoughts? We are ttc #2 at the moment so just being curious at this stage, it is a popular brand here in the UK and I really like the look of some of the models I have seen. We had a Bugaboo Cameleon 3 for DD and I did like it, but not sure I would go for a Bugaboo again if we have a second.
  14. We just ordered the mima xari. I've always thought they were so pretty! Couldn't pass it up when my local pottery barn was having an event.