Stroller - which one do you use/is your favorite?

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  1. I used the Uppababy Vista; loved the big basket. Would even hold a cooler when we brought out frozen breast milk. It's also the right table height.

    We just bought a GB Pockit stroller for a trip to Europe. It folds so small!! It can fit into a backpack and above in the luggage compartment. IMG_1489949065.530694.jpg
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  2. *subscribes*
  3. We use the uppababy vista and LOVE it!! It's easy to open and close and the basket underneath fits a ton.

    Now reading this thread for thoughts on a smaller travel friendly stroller! DD is 4 months now (can't believe it!!)
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  4. Megs, did you see my above post on the GB Pockit? It is suitable when your daughter can hold her own head up.
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  5. Yes, going to check it out! Just about to start to seriously look into the next stroller for travels!
  6. There is a newer version this year that reclines slightly. But to me, that feature wasn't worth it enough since Albee Baby has it for $150 from $250!
  7. my daughter has the mama and papas sola 2 and the nuna pepp, the pepp is quite impressive super sturdy and steers on a dime, folds small but is on the heavier side for a 'secondary' type.
  8. I really liked the uppababy vista since it had the capability to be used as a double stroller and is super smooth but we ended up getting the more affordable britax b ready which also transforms to a double. It has a good sized basket at the bottom with multiple points of access. Another option I considered was the city select which was also in the same category . Fast forward to two years later and we just had our second child. Using the britax b ready with the infant seat in the normal position and the child seat lower attachment is really easy. The stroller itself isn't super light so if that matters, definitely take that into consideration if you're looking at strollers that will expand to a front /rear double.
  9. Got the Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller for our baby. Better than the Orbit Stroller we had for our first son. We're gonna test it out on our upcoming trip!
  10. I loved my single BOB and my double trail-running BOB strollers. I loved the option of being able to just run around everywhere with the kids. But for a easy to drag around and put in the trunk of a car, I liked the Graco sit and stand. It was just easy to bring around when traveling.
  11. I was just checking up on this thread and noticed this. Great to know that he can still use the Bugaboo at almost 4!

    I ended up buying a second stroller (the Baby Jogger City Mini,) for anything that requires a car trip. It's been amazing! The first time I went out with my son for a trip to a Sephora, it was like getting a piece of my old life back :P

    I am 5'3" and I can easily (with two hands) open it up and close it with ONE hand! It has a strap in the seat bucket that you pull and it it closes flat. Combined with getting an SUV, I was able to take my son out anywhere by myself and it was a tremendous sense of freedom and being able to get things done at places that don't have shopping carts.

    The City Mini is definitely not the same caliber as my Bugaboo Cameleon - which I still use for taking walks around the neighborhood. The Bugaboo is a tank and looks/works just like brand new after almost two years of being rolled over grass, rocks, stone pathways, up and down curbs... anything!

    I actually have a renewed happiness with my Bugaboo after they came out with a very cool Niark1 collection back in the spring. I bought the sun shade canopy from that line and it's awesome! My son loves it as well. I can keep the sun off his face, but, he can still see out of the mesh sides and the front flap panel. I still eye the amazing collections that Cybex puts out with a certain amount of longing, but, the Niark1 collection restored my faith that Bugaboo can still put out cool and fashionable updates to their products.
  12. Have had our Mountain buggy for nearly 12 years.. used up to the age of six for several children. Easy to push/steer and easy to open/close. Minor downside: it's a little wide.
  13. Uppababy is introducing the MINU in May and it is very compact. I haven’t seen it, but am eager to try it out because it looks perfect for apartments and getting around cities, grocery stores, and airports.
  14. Uppa baby Alta
  15. I love my City Mini and that's what we use most of the time. I have a Chicco Bravo for 2 (sit & stand) when we go to places that require a lot of walking in case my 4 year old needs a seat. I haven't used it yet, but for vacations I plan on taking the Graco Jetsetter Compact. It folds up to almost nothing, so we won't have a problem packing it in an already luggage stuffed car.