Stroller - which one do you use/is your favorite?

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  1. I am torn between a few choices. My brother and sister-in-law just got an UppaBaby Vista and are raving about it. I had wanted either a Bugaboo Cameleon or Stokke Xplory. Yes, mostly for looks :graucho:

    Any opinions of these three, or other options out there?
  2. The Vista is a good all around bang for your buck stroller- It's a little bulky and heavy to be a move in and out of the car type of stroller. The Cameleon has a smooth ride and the push is excellent with 1 hand, it does have a 2 pc fold which can be a pia.. but it's lighter than the Vista. The Stokke I heard has a bulky fold.. so probably isn't a good in and out of the car type of stroller. You might end up with more than 1 stroller.. one for the car, one stationary.. lol You might want to check out Strollerqueens on FB lots of invaluable information in that group.
  3. Thanks a lot for the FB group info!

    I was actually thinking of using the Cameleon + Maxi Cosi car seat and when baby is bigger, switching to a Maclaren stroller to have a more weight friendly option.

    The only reason I hesitate is that I feel like Stokke and Uppa make strollers that are better suited to fitting two kids at once. Am I wrong or right that the Cameleon is pretty much just a one child purchase? I just don't want to have to repurchase another expensive stroller in not too long if there is another baby in the near-ish future.

    My husband went with his brother in law to the zoo and reported back what a nightmare two separate strollers are. I'd at least want one to have that versatility.... but, ugh... that black chevron Cameleon, I wants it :lol:

  4. With 2 kids depending on when you're going to have them- the vista can morph into 2 seats but I heard the push is difficult with doubles that are front and back. With the cam you can add the seat thing in the back so the older child could sit and the baby could be in the stroller. I would purchase what you want now and worry about getting a double if it's needed when the comes. Your needs and wants will change. We have the cam3, the push is awesome! It stays stationary at home though for walks and we use the bee for the car stroller. I had the vista and didn't love it so I sold it and got the cam.
  5. I used my bugaboo exclusively for about the first year. When the kids were a little bigger, I used my Maclaren for daily outings. But if we had to travel or were going to a theme park for the day, out came the bugaboo. It's bulkier to break down and put in the car but it's so smooth and can be used so many ways. The Maclaren is awesome for ease of folding and storing but still provides a pretty smooth ride, smoothest I've tried in umbrella strollers. I don't know anything about double configurations as my kids are 6 years apart!
  6. Yeah the Maclaren looks great for lightweight stroller usage. Do you think there is a specific age where that kind of stroller is safe/ appropriate? I am thinking I'll probably start travelling to see my parents (one lives in Las Vegas and the other NYC,) at around 6 months. I wonder if the Maclaren would be a good option at that age or if a bassinet is still needed? :shrugs:

    As for the Bugaboo, which model do you use?
  7. We have the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 in red and I love it! It can be a bit bulky though sometimes, especially when using public transport, so when DD is around a year old I intend to get a McLaren that I can use for certain outings. As far as the bassinet is concerned Sofia went into the pram seat at 12 weeks as she was getting too big/long for the bassinet and wanted to look around!
  8. Have no experience with any of these mentioned but just wanted to issue a word of caution if you're considering buying multiple strollers (or pushchairs to us here in the UK). #1 refused to use his pushchair before he turned 2, wanted to walk everywhere. So if you have a child like my eldest, multiple pushchairs can be an expensive purchase for limited use. My eldest was 2Y 8M when my youngest was born so we definitely had no use for a double seated version, there's no way we would have got him into it by then.

    (I test-pushed the Bugaboo - hated it. So would recommend you test what you're thinking of buying.)
  9. Thanks to you both for the replies. 12 weeks! Wow, I guess I had an impression of kids that age being too "floppy" to sit in a more chair like setting :P

    Any opinions on the storage for the Cam3? That's one thing my husband keeps trying to impress upon me, that it seems to have the least undercarriage space. I don't imagine you need THAT much... after all, I'm sure there are different alternatives when at the food market, correct? I seem to recall that people either use body carriers when very young or putting the car seat in to the grocery cart itself?

  10. In terms of a large grocery shop, it's not going to matter which system you have as you won't get a weekly shop in the bottom of any system. Over here the shopping carts have baby seats. But also consider shopping bags and nappy/diaper bag if you're out shopping for other items - not safe to hang them off handles so you do need that base unit storage.
    (invest in a cup holder too if the system you choose doesn't have one!)
  11. It depends on the baby - ours has had excellent head control practically since birth but in any case we are still reclining the seat as far back as it will go (which is virtually flat). Bugaboo do say that the seat shouldn't be used until six months of age but in my experience the majority of babies I know have gone into it well before then.

    Storage-wise the basket on the Bugaboo is almost impossible to access when using the bassinet, so if that is important to you I would go for a different model/brand. It is accessible once you move to using the pram seat but doesn't have an awful lot of storage space anyway - I couldn't fit my changing bag in there for instance. I bought a shopping hook from Jojo Maman Bebe (am sure other stores do similar) which clips on to the sides of the buggy and on which I can place bags of shopping, it has been a lifesaver!
  12. How do you find this in terms of accessing stores? There are some stores where I can barely get our pushchair through the aisles as it is and that's without adding extra width from hanging bags on the side?

    Also, what sort of weight can you hang as I'd worry about the pushchair tipping over?
  13. Surprisingly it has been ok - I only tend to hang one or two bags on it though and never with a lot in, so I don't find it bulks things out too much in the majority of shops. The bus is a different story though, manoeuvring the buggy on that is a nightmare!

    I would never hang food shopping on it (at least not containing more than a couple of small items) as I would be worried about destabilising the pushchair. However, I think a couple of fairly light bags are fine. If I need to carry more I do also put some things in the storage basket at the bottom.
  14. We have an Uppababy Cruz, which I have heard is good for city walking. Haven't used it yet but I think it'll work well for us; it seemed very easy to control.
  15. With my first child i had the stokke xplory and i loved it, however it is so bulky and heavy when you try to dissemble it to put in the car or store. Also you must keep in mind that if you have a small car with a small boot, you may have difficulties transporting the stroller especially if you are travelling and you will also be taking suitcases.

    With my second (8 months old girl) i first had the 4moms origami which my husband loved and adored, i had it for about 6 months then i got rid of it. It was a very cool stroller and very unique as nobody in our village (The Netherlands, Gouda) has it and it electronically folds itself and has lights and all kinds of cool features but it is also extremely heavy and bulky. Also i couldn't use my favorite maxi cosi car seat with it, as it was only compatible with Graco. The main reason why i got rid of the stroller was because once my little one was able to use the big seat, she couldn't sleep comfortably due to the limitations in the strollers recline ability, and i could not place the seat facing me once i placed the big seat.

    I currently have the baby orbit G3 which i love and adore, I am able to place my daughter facing me and recline it all the way so my baby can sleep comfortably. It also has a BIG shopping basket which is great when shopping. It is also heavy and bulky but i can liv with this.

    sorry for the long rant, but just wanted u to have as much information as possible, i wish someone told me about this when i was looking.