Stroller Question?

  1. Hi everyone so i have been looking around for strollers since i found out i was prego..And now that i only have 9 weeks left i figured it's time to buy one. So my question is does anyone own a Quinny Buzz or the UPPAbaby? First i wanted the Bugaboo but i don't like how you have to take off the seat to fold it thats to much..So the next one was the Quinny i love how it looks and i ride seems very smooth when i was playing with it..But then i came across the UPPAbaby at land of nod and i love how it comes with the seat and the bassinet but i'm not sure if i will really use the bassinet..I know that the quinny has gotten some really great reviews..But i'm not sure about the uppababy.Does anyone have it and love it or hate it i need some feed back please. Also i'm having a problem if i go with the quinny i can't make up my mind on which color..What do you guys think?
  2. I would suggest you Maclaren strollers. Before we had italian well made Neonato stroller, but it was the way kind of huge...its practical to compare to other brands, but the Maclaren is the best!
  3. If I'm remembering correctly, the uppababy has a SUPER wide base which makes it difficult to maneuver.

    Now, how old is your older child? Do you need a tandem or at least a step for her to ride on if she gets tired?
  4. Yeah i know that uppababy is kind of wide not sure if it's hard to maneuver..My daughter is 4 years old. She tells me that she is to big for a stroller now..
  5. I know a few people who have tried both and they found the Uppababy was just too wide for what they wanted to use it for. It's base is about as wide as some double strollers, so getting around malls crowded stores was a bigger issue for them...

    Does the seat on the Quinny not have to be taken off? I thought it did... now I can't remember and I just looked at these the other day.

    Honestly, if I were to have a baby and do it all over again, I would get the Orbit Stroller system with the car seat and later the toddler seat. That thing ROCKS.
  6. Yeah i guess your right about the UPPAbaby it is kinda large i just like how it comes with the bassinet..The Quinny can be folded with the seat on it..And as for the orbit i think that stroller is great do you know were it is made? I'm really wanting a European stroller..
  7. Well, another possibility is the Red Castle Whizz. I have that and LOVE it. It comes with a bassinet attchement if you want it too. I "personally" like it better than the Quinny Buzz, though it's pricier. It's imported by Eurobaby, but it's a French stroller. You can attach a car seat, bassinet or the regular seat. it's fold is nice and it's a narrow base. It comes with all the extras already too - sun cover, rain cover and seat pad.

    Here's a link:

    I got it because it's one of the FEW strollers that I found that are very well made and good for tall kids. I know some people wondered if the smaller wheels were an issue outdoors, but we use it outdoors all the time and they are fine. One handed steering too .

    I've traded probably 30 strollers in the past 3 years and found this one to be one of the best. I also loved the Stokke Xplory, but it does have a learning curve to it, so I'm always hesitant to reccommend it because you either love it or hate it.

  8. Thanks i'll look into that stroller also..If you don't mind me asking what is it about Quinny that you don't like?
  9. Well, in the UK they are considered the Gracos of the world first of all. I had a Quinny zapp (the UK version) and while I LOVED how small it folded, I just felt the quality was lacking.

    I've known a lot of people who have owned Quinny buzz strollers - the european versions and while many people LOVE them, there have been a lot of issues with some strollers. Like, the 2005 version a lot of people had a squeaky wheel issue and in 2006 it was something else. The big concensus with the Us model and the 2007/2008 is that the design was changed SO MUCH and now it doesn't fit any older child as well as it used to, but with that said, a lot of people love them and I seriously considered getting one at one point to try it out, just never did.

    If you want to find a place that is FULL of stroller addicts, go to yahoo groups strollerswap. There have been members there forever that have tried EVERYTHING and strollerqueen has her own site too (she is moderator of strollerswap).
  10. Thanks you have been so much help i think i'll go on that site and see the reviews..
  11. I looked at both of them in person (I was on a giant stroller kick a while back and went to 4-5 different stores to see every stroller I possibly could). We really liked the Buzz at first. My DH, in particular, loved the pneumatic unfold, thought it was just the coolest thing. We both thought it was cool looking, but when I tried picking it up and carrying it around, like I would to get it in and out of the car, it was just so heavy. If I remember right, it's 24 lbs!

    When I went to see the Uppa Baby, I mentioned to the salesperson that I'd thought the Quinny was heavy, and she was like, "You think the Quinny is heavy, wait till you try the UppaBaby." It was also not as manouverable as some of the others, as previous posters have said.

    If you really like the two, I'd go with the Quinny, but you may want to keep looking.
  12. Ok so i went with the Quinny Buzz in the color orange/red..That was my first choice when i started looking at strollers and i just love it..Well really Bugaboo was but i didn't like how you have to take off the seat every time you fold it..So with that said i'm happy with my choice now i just need to get the car seat for the stroller which again not sure what color to do? I know with Quinnys you can mix it up because you take off the seat and only have the base part..So i can't make up my mind if i should do another color or stay with the orange/red car seat as well..God buying a stroller is like buying a car LOL..
  13. after you have used the quinny buzz, please put some opinions and comments here ya. thanks.
  14. The car thing is a great analogy! The stroller thing totally stressed me out. I actually put together a little comparison spreadsheet for three or four I was looking at so I could see things side by side (weight, cargo space, wheel type, reversible seat, etc.) I have no idea why I got so fanatical about it but I did. I finally went and got the Orbit last weekend, and I picked it partly because I didn't have to get a separate infant seat, just because I couldn't deal with also having to make a car seat decision!
  15. I know i just can't believe it was that hard for me to pick..I was looking at every stroller out there. Bugaboo, stokke, quinny , maxi cosi, Uppababy, and the orbit..I loved the Orbit but i wasn't sure if it was made in europe? Because thats what i was looking for a european stroller and also because i didn't want to spend alot because this is my second child and really don't need a new stroller i have one from my first but i couldn't help myself i always want something new LOL. And also because i knew that this was going to be our last kid i have a girl and now i'm having a boy so i'm done :yahoo:. So there is really no point to spend that money for just one kid..