stroller drama - needs a lightweight stroller

  1. hi moms!

    we're travelling the end of this month to NY and we're scouting for a lightweight stroller (pref. umbrella folding) that would be perfect for a 3 month old baby (weighs 20 lbs.). we have a rockstar baby stroller, much as i love it - it just doesn't fold umbrella-style perfect for travelling.

    is there any particular stroller you just use primarily for travelling? easy to maneuver in airports and is lightweight?

    any suggestions? TIA from a first-time mom! :yes:
  2. i'm a big fan of maclaren strollers. i had the "techno xt" for my daughter and this one is suitable from birth as it reclines fully. now for my son i've the "quest" and this one is suitable from 3months old. both of these are umbrella strollers, lightweight, perfect for traveling, and durable.
  3. ^^^yeah, maclaren is the best lightweight stroller. You can also buy a bag from maclaren, to put it in, if you don't like to gate check your strollers.
  4. Maclaren Techno XT :tup:
    You will love it when your little one is sleepy and you can fully recline the seat and extend the leg rest.
    It's also easy to get through tight narrow aisles in different countries
  5. Ditto the MacLaren.
  6. ditto!!! maclaren works well.
  7. gosh, maclaren has tons of models - i need to narrow it down! thanks!

    what do you all think of peg perego?
  8. The best lightweight stroller is Combi stollers from Japan. You can open and close it with one hand, and lift it over your head (i'm not kidding).
  9. since your baby is 3months old, the techno xt (7.8kg), the quest(6.2kg), or the triumph (4.6kg) are all suitable for a 3months old infant. i used the techno xt for both my children when they were 3 months old. i only got the quest when he was older as i feel that the techno xt is more padded and seems more comfortable for a young infant. also, i find it easy to fold their strollers, even with 1 hand while carrying my child.

    i've never had any experience with peg-perego brand.
  10. thanks maria! i've been all over the internet comparing strollers and reading ratings from buyers! thanks for the tip!
  11. I'm also a fan of maclaren!
  12. We've got a MacLaren and I (and my daugher) absolutely loves it!
  13. Maclaren all the way! We have 3! The Techno XT is the one you want for a 3 month old. you'll love it!
  14. I am a huge fan of Maclaren...But if you want lightweight and easy...I would try Combi.

    I would travel every weekend with my oldest child when he was a baby...and let me tell you...the Combi was so easy to handle with one was awesome! Imagine...being able to maneuver, AND fold up with one hand...while holding your baby...

    I did not travel so much with my youngest, so he only used Maclaren. These are great...but need two hands free to fold up...

    Hope this helps...
  15. I have a Graco Mosaic stroller & it works great for us. 20lbs, nice tall handles & very easy to maneuver.