Stroller (all strollers) rant

  1. I am a for SURE stroller addict and stroller snob, but a LOT of that has to do with having HUMONGOUS children and with this last one, one that NEEDED to see me while pushing him until he was about 20 months old.

    I have tried so many and some have been FANTASTIC, others HUGE disappointments, but now I'm getting down to those days when I don't need a stroller often, but I still need it for long days out and walks around the neighborhood, but... he's too big for just about everything!

    WHY do they make strollers SO SMALL!!!!! They didn't used to. My older son who is now 11 could fit into a stroller until he was 4 with no issues, but now? There are TWO issues now with strollers - one, is that many canopies are attached to the back of the seat or come down low, so if your toddler is tall, his head hits the top. The second and a much bigger issue is that around 2000 strollers were required to put a head barrier at the top of the recline because some kids were falling out of the top of the stroller because parents weren't strapping their kids in. Well, THIS REALLLLLLLY gets in the way of tall toddlers.

    In 2000, my 4 year old was able to fit into a BOB Sports Utility stroller perfectly and it was GREAT for our 3 week European vacation. Now, my 2 years 9 month old can't fit into it because his head is at the top of the seat and hits that hard barrier and it pushes his head down. They two of them are the same height for the same age since birth. The younger one is built a bit bigger/stockier, but isn't fat - even with all those pounds. He's just BIG.

    He can't fit into a Maclaren - even the largest one, because his feet hit the wheels and I don't want to deal with that while pushing him.

    I have the Red Castle Whizz which I adore, but the weight limit is 44 lbs and he is 41 lbs, but the bigger issue is that the shoulder and waist straps are too small for him and I NEED those straps at LEAST around the waist because sometimes he tries to scoot out while I'm pushing at a fast clip.

    I just tried the Baby Jogger City stroller and it is actually tall enough (barely with the head barrier), but the shoulder room is narrow. I had the EasyWalker Classic, but the seat is SOOOOO reclined that he always sat at a weird angle and holding his head at a weird thing too and it just couldn't be good for his neck.

    I just want a stroller for the next year or so (because we do take long walks and he walks part of it, but he can't walk all of it), but... at 39 inches tall and 41 lbs, he's just too frickin' big for almost everything!!!! And those 39 inches (because he's still young) is torso length more than leg length yet. I have a huge fixed wheel jogging stroller, but I find that hard to use outside... I might trade that for something else because it's just collecting dust...

    Has anyone tried the Valco Tri-mode or the new Baby Jogger City Elite? Are these any better? Anything else???? I'm at a complete LOSS!!!!

    And don't suggest bugaboo or Quinny Buzz because he's been too big for those for quite awhile... ACK!
  2. Welcome to the world of tall children!!! :p

    There wasn't anything I could fit my son into after he was three - nothing!!

    The next two years were a PITA.
  3. I have actually looked at some special needs strollers to see if there's something there, but besides them being EXPENSIVE, he doesn't need special footrests and such, just a taller seat back and a way to keep his feet off the tires. It's unbelievable. They had a few less safety features in 1999-2000 when I bought the BOB and it was GREAT... but now that same BOB with the new features doesn't work AT ALL. There are 5% to 10% of boys are taller than my son (though only about 2% heavier! LOL), so it's not like there's no one taller than him! What's the deal!?!?
    Grrrr... I don't want to give up our long walks just because I can't find a stroller that works!
  4. yes, i do agree that strollers seem to become smaller.

    i hope you'll find the perfect one for your son!
  5. I had the most wonderful Stroller for my two children. I can't remember the name. I wish I could. It was so perfect in every way. I got it online in the US but it was a European brand. I would just keep checking baby sites and see what they have. Maybe something will catch your eye and you can track it down in a store to try it out. I think most strollers are small is because people want to make sure they are able to get in a small car and also most people will not spend the money on a good stroller. Supply and demand, the cheap ones sell quick and that is what people want. I think alot of parents don't even know if the stroller is a good fit for their child.
    One pet peeve I had living in Florida is seeing all these women walk around outside with some stroller without having a canopy to cover their child. Usually they were walking right into the sun and you can see the kids know if they didn't care about the sun on the kids they weren't puttling suntan lotion on either....