Stroke me

  1. HI ladies! A long time ago I had a fuchsia SMM that had to be sold for financial reasons. Well, long story short, I am ready to buy again- but I can't find the SMM anywhere ( even eBay)... Is it true? Is my stroke me dream doomed?
  2. This style isn't made for stock by BE anymore. You can have one made but you'll pay the BEC price. The style does pop up occasionally in the auction sites - there were 2 full size ones on sale about a month ago. Post what you are looking for in the ISO thread and good luck!
  3. Thanks for the help! I will!
  4. There's a full size one in petrol glossy for sale on Bonz today...
  5. thanks! I wonder if it is the same as the one on eBay? i'll head over to bonz to look!