Stroke Me club!

  1. hee hee, ok So I don't have one YET- but I figured now that BE has it's own forum we should have clubs like the others!:graucho: PLUS- I :heart: staring at the stroke me's as I'm saving away for mine....

    Post away!! (pretty please!)
  2. I love my Choco Matte Stroke Me -- this is the "old" choco leather, that's very dusty looking. Just love love love it. I use it for travel and it makes me super chic!
  3. My first BE is/was the SMM in Chocolate. I love it, love it, love it! So much, that I am placing an order today for the SM Tan. Sad it is being discontinued because would have loved it in Purple Crash!
  4. Ladies -- order up your Stroke Me's NOW because they are leaving the lineup! Or...we may start to see Stroke Me's in the secondary market...
    Be warned!
  5. I just ordered the SM Tan, I now will have the SMM Chocolate and SM in Tan. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the push and warning. I would have died if I could not get this bag and color!
  6. oh no! I don't if I have enough for one yet! Actually, since I am LOVING the aqua, maybe I will wait until they show up on the bay...
  7. Can't wait till I get my fuschia. Ashley said they were shipping this week! :smile: It seems like a nice casual bag with a bit of punch because of the color.
  8. Jackie just emailed me and told me I just took the last SM in Tan. I agree with Tropicalgal, if you are thinking of getting one, do it fast--because they are going!

    I am just so SOOOOOOOO Happy I got it!
  9. I have a medium in purple and am waiting for a medium in fuschia, a large in tan, and a large in apple. I got the Tan and Apple through Stitch, so I won't have them till June, but thats cool cause I won't have the money till then anyway.
  10. I have a glossy tan medium and a large matte aqua and I adore them both. The one color that I sadly will miss out on is the fuchsia. I would *love* a fuchsia BE bag, especially a SM.
  11. I have a chocolate medium. I just adore this bag!
  12. I have a SMM in purple, fuchsia (comin soon!!), and a large wine SM. I love this bag so much, and it is soooo comfy as well. So sad to see it discontinued :sad:
  13. I'm getting a purple medium, but i'm always on the hunt for a large SM in petrol!
  14. Im also awaiting a purple medium...was mailed today!