Stroke Me/Belen Echandia might be available!!!

  1. Hi ladies, I just spoke with Jackie and she informed me that if we get a couple orders for the Stroke Me, she'd be happy to order it for our group.

    Right now, the SM is totally out of stock and she has no plans on re-ordering at the moment. But, if our forum gets a few orders for the SM, then she will contact her manufacturer on our behalf and order.

    Everyone here knows that I tried the chocolate last week and found it to be too "matte" for me. I didn't realize that the petrol and wine are shinier and made different. I adore my black crash and love it for the shine factor.

    Anyway, I"m leaning toward the petrol color, but can certainly be persuaded into the wine.

    Let me know as soon as possible, if anyone is interested in ordering a SM large. I'll then contact Jackie and place our order and/or you can too. She is being very helpful and just needs a couple orders. She explained to me that she just can't make one handbag at a time. That's understandable.