Stripteasing LV - yay or nay? Cast your vote!

  1. I've noticed that when it comes to stripteasing the new LVs we get, there are differing opinions. Some tPfers like to guess what's in the box, others get really annoyed! (Has anyone noticed that Bag Fetish's favourite response of late is "cute boxes.... I use mine for storage to keep my desk clean :smile:" :lol: You're hilarious Bag Fetish! :p)

    So cast your vote so we can see what the majority thinks!

    I personally don't mind, unless the striptease goes for AGES (which in my definition is when there are no pics after the second page :p).
  2. Striptease if it's short and sweet!
  3. striptease if it is short and sweet!
  4. Sorry, no poll. Anyway... a short striptease is ok.
  5. I don't mind either if it's short. By the time I see the post it's usually over with anyway!
  6. LOL! I guess I am one of the impatient ones....
  7. Not a fan.......I wanna see the stuff inside the bags!
  8. :yes:
  9. okay if it's really short!
  10. Yay if it doesn't take up more than one page in the thread.
  11. It's okay if it's short, but if it goes on for hours no! I want to see now! :smile:
  12. I think it's kinda cute as long as it's short when OP disappears for hours it drives me nuts and sometimes I forget to go back so I never find out lol
  13. i like to see it right away..
  14. short and sweet!!
  15. I like to see now. I guess I'm one of the impatient people...
    Unless it's really short read: box in the first post, strip in the second before anybody gets the chance to post anything in between:p