Strippers and your man...yes or no?

  1. So my husband is at a bachelor party tonight and I'm completely pissy about it! Supposedly the group is hitting local bars then booking a room at the casino and getting strippers. Ugh...that thought just grosses me out! :yucky: We've been together a long time and I trust him.....I just don't like him being around crap like that! We are both pretty conservative so I know he's not gonna being doing anything wrong but I feel as a married man he has no place being there! I guess my question is whether or not these places bother you at all?
  2. If this happened to me, I wouldn't mind a stripper (or a few) around my man. It's fine. I'm confident in myself and in my own choices in guys. If I like this guy, then obviously I'll trust him otherwise it's the same as saying I'm doubting myself.
  3. I have no problem with strippers at all. I've known a few. Just think of them as saleswomen in 7" heels selling lap dances.
  4. I'd be fine with him going, but I'd be a little uncomfortable with the stripper giving him a lap dance.

    I trust him, but a stripper giving him a lapdance violates the 'look, but don't touch' rule.
  5. I have no problem with it either. But I understand because I have a few friends who will never allow their husbands or boyfriends to do that. But I'll be honest, I've been to a couple and its not as bad as movies and stuff make it out to be. These women are there to make money not steal boyfriends or husbands. Just have to make sure DH or bf understand that concept as well.
  6. IMO, I think married men have no business being at strip clubs. I think the only naked or half naked woman a married man should be looking at is his wife. Now I know they have naked women on movies and tv shows but that's not IRL and not "in your face, shaking it" so that's different.
  7. Enact the penalty rule:

    1 stripper viewed: gift of at least $100
    2 strippers viewed: gift of at least $200
    3 strippers viewed: gift of at least $300
    3+ strippers viewed: wop upside the head, then joint couples trip to best joint in town: there he must buy you your own lap dance and he has to watch from at least 10 feet away. No serious physical contact with him for 5 days afterwards.

    Lap Dance: free card baby

    ...don't do it myself, but if I was in the mood to stir somethin' up...:devil:
  8. I dont mind when my Bf, of 5 long years, goes to strip clubs..he gets lap dances etc. I am very confident in myself and dont worry about weather he is going to do anything that he shouldnt be doing. In fact, a good friend of mine works at a strip club and we both gave him lap dances at one a joke. It was hilarious. Depends on what you are open too and what your relationship is like.
  9. I don't believe it has ANYTHING to do with confidence in ourselves as women. But out of RESPECT why would a married man want to go see sleazy girls? My husband took my younger brother when he turned 21. I was pissed- not that I think he will leave me for a stripper but he was a family wife and kids ...........and is he hanging out at a place like that in the first place? Is this the type of behavior that is ok for my son or daughter to know? Is he being a good role model for his family?
    He "thinks" it is normal because he is male but after he told me about him taking my brother- he has not done it again.
  10. Usually no, but right now I don't even care... I'm just so mad at him
  11. lol, love it, but add a zero to each other those figures. ;)

  12. I used to be bothered by it when my bf would go with his friends but now I'm not. He's still interested in me in *that* way so I must be doing something right lol. And anyway, he doesn't go that often.
  13. I wouldn't have a problem if Bart were to go with his buddies to a strip club for a bachelor party. I know where his heart is, what his intentions are, and to who he comes home to every night.
  14. I don't have a problem with it. Last time my hubby went to a strip club it was after a work Xmas party many years ago. He insisted that he didn't look and was talking work with a colleague. Sadly, I believe him.
  15. Personally, foot down.. unless I'm there. Hahaha !