Stripped Bluette Reveal / Mods / Family Photo

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  1. I'm not that much of a poster (i read alot!) but I wanted to show off the latest addition to my little family to someone other than my husband, who doesn't get the purse obsession.

    The crossbody strap has several holes for adjustment, so you can actually cinch it up a bit to be a longer shoulder bag. For reference, I am 5'3", medium build. The bag will hold a larger wallet and a few odds and ends, but definitely is not a catch-all sort of bag.

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  2. Thanks for posting these pictures! I like the Nude style but it seems to be a really small bag. Now that you posted the Stripped, I'm so glad I hadn't ordered the Nude without looking at modeling pictures first. Although I like the Nude very much, but it is just too small for me. I wish they had produced the Nude in the size of the Stripped!
  3. I looked at both and too and decided this one would work a bit better. It has a lot of adjustability in the straps and I can comfortably fit my larger HH wallet in it with an blackberry and a small kid toy or two. I usually carry a much larger bag so we'll see!
  4. gorgeous!!!
  5. congrats! looks great on you. thanks for the mod shots, i have been curious about the size of this bag.
  6. What a great looking bag, that shade of blue is gorgeous!

  7. This bag is so gorgeous! I must pretend I never saw it!
  8. Congrats, cfalsc, that's lovely! That colour is gorgeous too... It definitely looks like a good size, thanks for posting the pics!
  9. That is one CUTE bag! I just adore that color. Which picture do you think represents the color the best? I'm so tempted by the satchel in this color!

    Congrats cfalsc! I'm happy you chose us (and not just your hubby) to share your new Treesje with!!:yes:
  10. the color is so pretty.. it looks really good on you. I think the long strap shoulder bags are really making a come back.
  11. The bag looks great on you and the color is very pretty.
  12. Me too! :love:
  13. Very nice! Love the color and it looks great on you. Congrats!
  14. To answer the question on color, it's somewhere between the second picture and the closeup picture - it's not really as bright as it shows in the family photo. It's acually surprisingly neutral for being a blue.
  15. This style really works for you :yes:

    I love these cross-body, long strapped messenger bags. Can't get enough of them actually! This bag looks to be similar in size & style to the RM Mini Beloved, which is a bag that works really well for me on those days that I don't want to carry everything I own around town.

    Thanks for sharing and welcome :flowers:
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