Striping Zip Bowler?

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  1. Hey ladies...

    I have been thinking about getting a piece from the striping line for awhile, and I'm afraid I might have waited too long!

    I have seriously fallen in :love::love::love:LOVE with the striping zip bowler in either chili or black. I know I am late, but if anyone sees it out there, could you please let me know?

    I'm attaching a pic for reference. Thanks everyone!:choochoo:

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  2. Good luck to you marclover! I haven't been to the dept stores in a while so I don't know what's available anymore... have you tried calling bloomingdales? I think the MJ stores may be out of stock, but it couldn't hurt to try there either. Crossing my fingers for you.
  3. Stella mentioned having all the colors (Black, Dark Brown, Chili, Chestnut) when I asked her about their stocks on this style; I'll e-mail her right now so that she can check for you tomorrow morning. MJ store in Boston sold out a while ago.

  4. I was at bloomies SF and I saw the zip bowler in black and chestnut only.
  5. I heard back from Stella, her store has Chili and other colors left, she transferred some in from other MJ boutiques. =)

    For styles from Striping line (Hudson, Bowler, Zip Bowler, Slouchy Tote, Trish), I recommend getting them from MJ boutiques since leather lining is exclusive to them. Non-MJ stores sell the version with canvas lining. =)

    Emoem posted pictures of her Zip Bowler here:
  6. Thanks for calling bag.lover! You didn't have to do that!

    I think I would definitely want leather lining because the pics with leather lining look so beautiful, but is it very heavy?

    I'll think about it, and perhaps give Stella a call sometime tomorrow.

    Thanks again for looking everyone!
  7. ^ Zip Bowler is not heavy. Let me know if you want me to compare to other MJ bags.

    I call/e-mail Stella very often, it's really okay. =) She'll call me tomorrow (how many of them are left in the company), you don't have to decide right away. Think about it first.
  8. Would you say it's comparable to our Elise?

    I'll definitely have to think about it...but I do have an anniversary coming up in Jan!
  9. ^ I just checked, Elise is heavier. I don't have a scale though, I only go by what my hands think. =)
  10. The bowler is on sale at in black or chili at a sale price of... $799!!!!

    Go get it :yes: :yes: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. ^ I wish ZB's on sale so that you can get it too.
    I am not sure if this style is carried by Barneys, just know that NM & Nordies didn't get it. I saw Trish, Hudson, and Bowler (featured in Fall 06 Runway; see info below) at Barney's in BH yesterday.

    (picture from - Fall 2006 Runway)
    Line: Striping
    Style Name: Bowler
    Style Number: C362080
    Price: $1450USD
    Color: Chestnut (color looks different on runway)