Striping Line - Which style is your favorite?


Which Bag from the Striping Line is Your Favorite?

  1. Hudson

  2. Bowler

  3. Trish

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  1. I've loved this line since its first appearance over a year ago. Of course, the Hudson has always been my favorite. Aside from the shape of the bag (which I luv), the three sections are perfect for someone like me who carries everything (but the kitchen sink!) in their bags but needs a little organization. My only problem with the Hudson is that it can't really be carried on the shoulder (I'm sure some of you "Skinny Minnies" made it work, but I have a hard time with bags with drops shorter than 9"!!). So there's the Trish, which has the extra shoulder strap. I like the Trish but I'm not exactly crazy about the shape. I've seen some pics where it looks like it's a little boxier (which I like) but in most pics, it looks too long and round for my person taste (almost like a jelly roll). There's also the Bowler, which to me looks almost the same as the Hudson but has only one section instead of three. According to its measurements, its smaller than the Hudson, but I think it's only in its height & width (I think they're the same length, but I might be wrong). I know that there's also a Striping Tote, but that one's ruled out - it's just too big for an everyday bag!

    I know that there are still a few Hudsons floating around at MJ boutiques. I've been toying with the idea of saving up to buy one in a month or so (unless one shows up on eBay in the meantime, but I always seem to miss out!). There is a Bowler on eBay right now that's brand new & might end at a reasonable price. Then there are the bags at the Outlet Store of Bag, Borrow Steal - I know some other PFers have had good luck ordering from them. The bags are gently carried, but they have return policy.

    I just can't decide which one to get. The Hudson, of course, has always been my first choice - but the Bowler on eBay looks pretty nice. If it's basically the same as the Hudson (w/one section instead of three) then I wouldn't mind spending less $$ and using the difference to buy something else. Of course, the Trish seems more practical since I could easily carry it on my shoulder if I had to, but it's the shape that throws me.

    What are your thoughts on the striping line? Which is your fav & why? For those of you who own more than one style, how different are they all? Is the bowler really similar to the Hudson, or is that just an illusion? Does the Trish's shape change once you load it up & start using it?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. i had to put in a vote for my bowler! it's my favorite marc jacobs bag - scratch that, it's my favorite bag period. i had the hudson first. the bowler is actually bigger. i loved how the hudson looked, but i was not crazy about the compartments. i don't mind them in a bigger sized bag, but for a medium tote, it makes the bag smaller than it really is. i found it difficult to just stuff things into it, and that's ultimately why i got rid of it.

    i love the trish. i think it's the most youthful one of the striping bags. as you may already know, i am desperately trying to get my hands on the chilli trish. gosh, i love this line. mj really needs to bring striping back.
  3. Is there a pic of your Bowler in the Striping thread (in Reference)? I don't recall seeing it there. Are there two sizes of the Bowler? The measurements I saw say that the Hudson is 13x5x12 and the Bowler 12x5x7 (shorter but almost the same length/width) - the one on ebay says 10x13 (I assume 13" long, 10" high??)

    If you have a pic of your Bowler, I'd love to see it!!
  4. I have a small black bowler and a military hudson, the hudson is a lot bigger and fits on my shoulder and I don't have particularly skinny arms. The small zip bowler also fits over my shoulder but not when I'm wearing a coat.

    I love the Hudson and would buy it in every colour.
    There's also a big bowler but I think that only came in chestnut. hth a bit :smile:
  5. ugh the striping hudson is absolutely my favorite bag. i would love to find a striping bowler.

    go with your first choice iluvmybags, the hudson. even though you may have a problem wearing the hudson as a shoulder bag, i think its the most appealing bag in the striping collection.

    ^^ beany, are those your pictures above? stunningly beautiful.
  6. yeah, i posted pictures of it awhile back. i should transfer all the pics i've posted on the sub-forum to the reference library. there's something for me to do on a rainy day.
  7. ^tadpole, does the bowler sag when it is not stuffed?
  8. I voted for the Hudson because it's the only one I own from the striping line and I really love it. Like Beany, I would love to own a Hudson in every color.

    Though, the striping bowler on ebay is beautiful. I have it on my watch list so we'll see how it goes. I always lose on ebay! I hope I can still find this somewhere else if good luck isn't on my side...
  9. not really. the leather of the striping line is stiffer than normal calfskin/cattlehide leather, so all the striping bags hold their shape well even without anything in it. i'm sure the leather will become more pliable the more i use and the longer i have it, but it's been a year and it's still pretty structured.
  10. Thanks Jackie, yep, my babies (well 2 anyway) sorry about the pics bit blurry doesn't do the bags justice the striping line is beautiful :smile:
  11. I voted for the Hudson. I was one of the people who purchased a chestnut one from bag, borrow, or steal and it ended up being in excellent condition so I was really happy. It even got marked down $70 extra from the time I originally purchased it and bbs gave me a store credit for that amount which was nice.

    my arms are not skinny AT ALL and it fits over my shoulder. it also looks cute when carried. I just think it is such a classy bag, although I am literally in love with every single item and every single color of the striping line! :love:
  12. THANKS!!! That's what I hoped for...*sigh. Bans are totally useless. You always see something you like...
  13. Sorry - my internet went down for a period of time, right in the middle of a post!

    I do see that there are 2 sizes of the Bowler - one that sold for $1095, the other for $1295. I think the one on ebay is smaller one, altho it looks larger than the one that Beany posted above (that looks more like a Trish - is it very soft & slouchy??)

    angelisa - the Hudson on BBS is $825 - isn't that the price it's always been? I remember getting an email from them a while ago that some of the Outlet Bags had been marked down additionally, but the MJ striping ones all looked like they were the same price. When was it $895??

  14. Hmm, about 2 weeks after I ordered it they marked it down. At first it was 30% off, $895, then they marked it down to 35% off, $825. not a huuuuge difference but worth asking for an adjustment. I purchased it January 7th for $895.
  15. I would do almost anything for a black hudson!!! love it!