striping bowler size

  1. I just saw one on eluxury, the size was 12.5*8*6 on their website, I fail to copy the description since it's gone in a min. Here are some pictures I saved. I remember it should be much bigger than the size in the description, it also looks big on the model. I was so confused then it's gone!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
    p11140906_ph_detail_05.jpg p11140906_ph_detail_06.jpg p11140906_ph_detail_07.jpg p11140906_ph_detail_08.jpg
  2. They have a wrong measurement. The bag is huge, bigger than a spy.
  3. yeah, it looks huge. The style is very nice though
  4. yup,very nice indeed. I can put a lot of stuff in it and more room to spare.
  5. I'm very petite, it's gonna be like a travel duffle for me:p
  6. I actually like this bag... it fits over my shoulders and doesn't look to big on me, although I'm a taller gal. I wish it had more shape and structure though, like the hudson.
  7. Yeah..that's true. I like the structure of Hudson.:heart:
  8. I like this bag. I think this bag can be my everyday bag. Very stylish and chic. I love Hudson but this bag can be easily carry on my shoulder.
  9. I love the bowler, I just can't seem to get my hands on one:crybaby:
  10. ITA! :yes:
  11. The bag is so pretty! I haven't been able to see on in person though...I hope you get it!