Striping Bowler Hudson Bag?

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  1. just curious if any ladies here already have this bag? im seriously considering, i just want to see some pictures of the bag in action! please :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. I just got mine today from eluxury.Very pretty.Give me a day for pics.Meanwhile,go to the celeb and mj thread.there are pics of the Duff sisters and carmen electra with this bag.
  3. tuffcookie, which one are you thinking of.Mine is the large.The one in the thread above is the smaller of the two.
  4. i was thinking the hudson. i love the size of the bag. i found one on ebay thats very well priced ($1050) and im just waiting on an authentication. i'd love to see pictures of yours :smile:
  5. I just read on this subforum that Bloomie's is having a 30% off sale, which includes the striping bags, and that if you open a card it's an extra 20% off this weekend!
  6. hey, thanks for letting me know :smile: i checked the bloomie's website, but wasnt able to find the bag (i guess its an in store sale only?). im off from work tomorrow, so ill take a ride to the mall. :yahoo:
  7. Let us know what you find! Hudson is such a gorgeous bag!!