Stripes !!

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    Do you avoid stripes ? if not :

    How do you wear your stripes ? What works best for you ?
  2. LOVE vertical stripes on pants! Makes me look 10lbs thinner
  3. I love stripes (I'm lovin' the new mod look that is currently hot -- thanks, Edie, Factory Girl, and Sienna Miller!) even though I'm not the slimmest of gals.

    The Dior pullover for FW 05 in black/white horizontal stripes was fabulous, as is the SS 05 Balenciaga rock 'n roll collection.
  4. I like it sailor style or chevron. I like ella moss dresses, her stripes are flattering.
  5. vertical or diagonal ONLY, and usually only on button up type shirts. horizontal stripes are NOT my friend. neither thick ones or contrasting colors.

    i like pinstripes best. so chic.
  6. I am really, really sick of stripes
  7. Yes!!! I also like the Ramones' use of the striped tee. LOVE IT. I want more striped tees, but not all of them are created equal.
  8. I love stripes! I dont have too many in my wardrobe, just mostly in room decor. The stripes I do have in my wardrobe are subtle though, not too bright! I have these gray pinstripe pants and theyre my favorite :heart:3
  9. [​IMG]

    I blame Johnny Depp! Dang that Captain Jack Sparrow!

    Urgh. just toooo 80's for me.
  10. I love stripes!! What brand of pants are those?
  11. I love stripes! I wear them all throughout the summer!
  12. I definitely avoid striped clothes, but I love stripes. That's why I decided to get a Balenciaga black & white striped Day/hobo. I think anyone can carry off stripes on a handbag. Clothes can be very tricky.
  13. love horizontal stripes. They don't widen me out at all. I love them sooo much. I think I've bought 4 shirts in 2 days that are striped...yummy! I'm also buying a (cheap) bag that is cute!
  14. I love horizontal stripes!
  15. horizontal striped tops are great (draws attention away to hips, LOL). And I'm also looking for a chalk-stripe pantsuit too, woooo!