Striped Zoe (or Madison) owners - a question...

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  1. I recently bought a striped Zoe off eBay..and I can't wait to get it. I'm already accessorizing it in my head...and I'm stumped! I know basically a skinny of some sort would be the only "wallet" of sorts to fit in these...but what COLOR?

    hold out for a green one (if the spring line carries one...)

    any suggestions?

    right now I'm thinking I'd use the white medium duffle skinny I have:

  2. I think the duffle may be too big though?
  3. shoot...really? DANG! (sorry - haven't seen the zoe IRL...heheh) so I guess one just uses the inner pocket in the zoe for cash/license?
  4. Yeah, the zoe is pretty small. The duffle wouldn't fit (but I do love both the ones you ahve there). I use a gold lurex mini with my white/black zoe and soemthing like that would probably work for the stripe one as well.

    You could also use that inner pocket and forego the mini altogether.
  5. I agree, the duffle would make it bulky. I use my LV mono cles, but really, you could just use the inner pocket. The mini just takes up a lot more space than you would think.
  6. well thanks for the tips ladies.
    so - heck...what DOES fit in the Zoe? heheh
  7. i'll take pics when i get home to show you!
  8. When I went out this weekend, I put the lurex mini skinny (which was pretty full and did take up a lot of room), a lipstick and cell phone in it (and I have a very bulky cell). That was about all it could fit, but it was a great going out bag!
  9. Thanks! But no worries - it came today! I'm working from home today due to the ice storm going on outside...took the dog out to pee (for about the billionth time this morning) and a package was waiting for me on my garage door.

    I did a BIN on MONDAY...and it's already here! AMAZING! LOVE this clutch! It's soooo pretty! Can't wait for DH to take me out so I can use it!
  10. yay, congrats! that was a REALLY fast transaction!
  11. I have madison's, not zoes. But I use a small card case type wallet from the outle as my wallet. The madison stretches a bit and I can fit that wallet, my cell (a slvr), bluetooth headset, lip gloss, gum, and my keys if need be.