Striped Straw Tote

  1. I just got back from Dillards and saw the cutest straw tote. It is the size of the white, brown and green ones in the catalog but it was striped along the top area where it looks like the solid colors are canvas. It was like the pieced wristlet. It also has a canvas pocket on the front and it has metallic trim. SUPER CUTE. It was $298. I have to have this bag!!!
  2. :wtf: OK... the first person that can sneak pictures of this with their camera phone, PLease PLease post!!! :yes:

    I am in love with the straw tote... I think it will be one of my few handbags purchases for spring... I am loving the solid colors... but a stripe?? Hmmm... this I need to see!

    Thanks for posting! post pics if you can get them!!
  3. pics please!
  4. OMG! i was literally uploading the picture that i SNEAKILY took at macy's as you posted this. i saw it and i KNEW i had to show my tpf ladies!!!

    (it's a crappy pic, but my phone sucks and i had to take it before the sales lady came back, lol.)


    it also comes in a bigger size, but i'm not sure how much it is. the one i took a pic of is the same size as the brown/white/green trim baskets.
  5. Ohhh my.. THAT'S BEAUTIFUL. I might have to have it.
  6. i know! i wonder if it's one of the department store only pieces, or if it'll be available to order for the pce.

    (ooh, your first post! welcome to tpf!)
  7. LOVE this!
  8. i normally dont like straw...but that OMG is adorable!
  9. ALSO, fyi: this bag has solid light blue lining, and the regular straw baskets have watercolor striped lining (it's gorgeous!). i definitely really want one...
  10. Oh goodness, I swear we are all obsessed and think alike. I saw this the other day at Dillard's and was honestly like, Hmmm, I wonder if I would get in trouble if someone saw me taking a picture... I wanted to take one so badly!
  11. That is so cute! I saw it at Nordstrom's yesterday but it is really stiff to carry!
  12. uh yeah, i hate wicker and straw it's gross....

    but this bag is SO CUTE!

    i saw some coach totes and handbags at TJMaxx...

    (so sue me, i know how tacky but it's the ONLY place that carrys ANYTHING in this town.... BOO! Dooney & Bourke and Coach occasionally send something semi cute their way :p )

    the coach totes and handbags at TJMaxx happened to be straw and embroidered with stuff and i hated them...


    now THIS is a bag i'd take to the beach :yes: !
  13. same here :yes:
  14. I like it. I still want coach bring back the signature straw bags.