Striped Lining???

  1. there were limited edition releases with a pinstripe lining. I believe those bags were made in Spring 2003.

    I've never seen one so I'm cross-linking youngprof's comment from the "authenticate this" thread

    the bag is authentic IMO. It has been my experience that is really hard to fake all of the details on MJ bags and this one was no exception. The topstitching is good, pockets even and centered, and the pics are very detailed, something you don't get often from Ebay.

    I too couldn't figure out why it was priced so low, now I know-it's 3 years old.
  2. I have a MJ tote with the same LINING...
  3. :yes: Friends of mine have Stellas with the same lining in the Faded Brick and Peppermint colors. The MP in the eBay auction looks genuine. What a steal...
  4. someone else get it! i'm not in the market for a black bag!
  5. hey! i recognize that ebayID.. isnt that a forum member? :smile:
  6. That looks like the real deal to me; I have the same bag in the "faded brick" color, with the same lining.
  7. I've purchased a Red Large Quinn from hpzapper before. She's a great seller and a PFer!!:heart:

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