Striped Fold Over Wristlet To Be In My Hands..

  1. tomorrow! I know there was controversy on this, being recalled, then not available, not seen in stores, etc. but it should be at my house tomorrow! :yahoo: I was worried that since everything I ordered after I ordered this came in no problem, but I called today and its en route to come in tomorrow. But for the girls that were interested in this when it first came out, I'll post it in case you need to decide.
  2. Can't wait to see the pictures! Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Those fold over wristlets are nice! Can't wait to see.
  4. is this the one you are talking about? I love it!! its very cute!! Was there a controversy about it? I bought it when it came out and still loving it.
  5. ^^Yes! Thats the one! When I meant controversy, I meant on availability, everyone got different answers but I finally got it and I love it!! much more then the striped zoe!
  6. Congrats!! It's such a beautiful wristlet.