Striped flats?

  1. Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone has the striped flats and whether they fit true to size? Of course they won't be getting them in the store in my area, so Iif I decide to get them(and if I keep wasting time I'll completely miss out) they'll have to be ordered from the store size online is out of my size.
  2. I don't get mine til my birthday next month...but there was a thread a while back about the variation on coach sizing....some girls say its true...and a bunch said it wasn't....Personally....I'm usually a 9 or 9.5 are too big for me coach shoes are all 8.5 or 9.
  3. I think most of their flats are the same. Most of the time I'm fairly true to size with Coach in a 10. Occasionally, I have to move down a size, but that's rare. My flats fit perfectly in a size 10.
  4. flats are usually the same. sandals, I'm a half size down in.
  5. Coach boots, clogs and sneakers all fit true to size for me, but I haven't tried on the flats.
  6. Thanks for tips! I tried on a pair of ballet flats at Off Fifth sometime ago and the 9 was too big (I'm a 9 in heels) but the 8.5 was too small. So maybe I'll have them send both pairs and return the pair that is too big....:smile: