Striped Balenciaga City in Canada

  1. Just to let you know, they just got the black and white striped Balenciagia city at Holts on Bloor. Its beautiful, but I resisted. I was impressed by the number of bags they had. Many spys, tons of chloe ( betty, paddingtons even in anthracite, silverados), the new blue gaucho in the double size, a small gaucho in brown, and many more. :nuts:
  2. i mentioned in another thread that i too was at holt's yesterday and saw their new release of bbags. it is really amazing how different some of them appear IRL. colours and styles that you wouldn't really consider are suddenly " i want this right now and i'm not leaving without it!" it just goes to show that you really have to see them for yourself to make a fair assessment.
  3. I fell in love with the grey/black twiggy that was there.......
  4. I'm going there today, I'll have to check it out! Thanks :nuts:
  5. Thanks Shyloo for the info. What other new colors of balenciagas did they have?? and what material is the black and white bbag made out of? canvas and leather?? or all leather? thanks
  6. Hey me too!!! I'll be the one with the Black City drooling over all the bags. See ya there:biggrin:
  7. I love the striped black and white balenciaga city!!!!!!! Saw one already at my country and it's fabulous!!!
  8. The black and white is a canvas material with black leather trim. When you look closely, you can tell that it is a bamask fabric. Its a beautiful bag. Other colours they had were caramel, emerald and red ( in small bags), and of course the grey-black twiggy. There were other colours, but I can't remember.
    I do remember the anthracite paddington, the olive ( and brown python)silverado, and the grey Betty ( I thinks its Betty- large tote with zippers that go around it?- someone correct me if I am wrong).
  9. Please buy it so I don't have to think about it anymore.:lol:
  10. You girls are BAD! I want to drive down there RIGHT NOW! haha :nuts: but too bad I promise my fiance that I will go watch a movie with him tonight... somebody better buy it so that I won't! :smile:

    and post pics if you do!!
  11. I was there today, there selection wasnt as good as it was a few weeks ago. They had mostly those hook bags and the front pocket ones. Other than that they had:

    First: Rouille, Cornflower, Black, Cognac and Caramel Pony,
    City: Black and White, Cognac, Origan
    Box: Cornflower
    Twiggy:A weird grey/black, dont know what colour that is

    They also had some day bags and hobos, an emerald one, a black and white and I think a cognac.

    They had no white left :sad2:

    They had some great Paddys though: Whiskey, Tan, Chocolate, Metallic Anthracite, Silver, Taupe, a Blue/Grey colour and a Tan Python Silverado.....I almost left with it!
  12. Wow, I definitely have to check out Holts when I get back to Toronto !
  13. I almost left with the weird gre/black twiggy.......
    Did you see theother silverado colour? Like a mustard/olive? I loved that too
  14. Yeah, do you know what colour that grey/black is suppose to be? It's almost metallic.

    I didnt even notice the other silverado, I was too busy debating between the tan python and the tan paddy!
  15. Don't know the name of the colour but I am still thinking about that damn bag:hrmm: :hrmm:
    Its metallic without being too shiny.....
    Did you leave with something?