String on charms LVoe/Inclusion

  1. [​IMG] and the LVoe charm... does this string worry you? What happens when it breaks can it be replaced?
  2. im not sure if it can be replaced, but i would worry about the string. My bf has a burberry phone thing and the string has started to fray at the part where it joins the main bit, considering how much it was i dont want it to just break and you can never use it again. Then again my bf isnt very gentle on his things..
  3. Ugh, I have the LVoe Charm and I snagged the string! I tried to kind of smooth it back in place as best as I could but it is really, really bothering me (and it is off white). I was wondering about getting it replaced and how much it would cost...
  4. I have to say i Hate Those strings! I have had several on my phone and they have all broken! I would be so worried after spending so much money then to have it break and find out it could not be replaced!
    It doesnt Look like it could be replaced but you never know.
  5. I've never had a problem with them (on various charms) I've had other issues but Vuitton has always replaced them no problem at all
  6. I'm just wondering about my LVoe purchase and thinking was it smart due to this string. I would hate to look at my bag it and be gone or broke.
  7. ^^^^^ That would suck! I wonder if we could all buy one of those sturdier clasps (like the ones Coach uses on their charms) and then tie it around that?

    I know when I put the charm on my Stephen the hardware was so thick that it took me forever to get it off and I was so afraid I was going to break it!
  8. ^^ not sure what coach thing you're talking about. Are you able to post a pic ?
  9. I also was wondering how durable these strings are because I wanted the LVOE one and I was afraid to break it, this one looks the same.
  10. They are the ones that are like a clasp...lOL NM I'll find a pic!
  11. [​IMG]

    See the top clasp thingy on each of the keychains? Like that! Then you're not constantly taking the string on and off. I don't know where you'd buy one though (I thought about dismantling one of my Coach keychains LOL)
  12. Hmmmmm, on the inclusions it would be hard. On the LVoe charm just under the silver part that has LV on you could hook it there.
  13. I agree! I've never bought an LV one for that specific reason. The cheap ones are good enough for me. My phone is much too busy to take the punishment it would receive in my possession. :yes:
  14. Fetish: You could look it around with the string though...not sure!
    But yea...for the price...I'd be sooooo mad if it fell off!
  15. You know, I have the Inclusion phone charm in black and I'm always yanking it in and out of my pocket or bag. It's still in great shape. It seems to be a really tough string lol.