Strike up the striptease music.....

  1. OK So I have somewhat fallen off the face of the....well, forum. I have been looking and I have been commenting a little but life has gotten busy. It has been a terrible year for me, lots of health stuff...nothing life threatening but feeling awful. Finally figured out in July it was celiac. DH and I had a bit of a rough patch with me dealing with my own issues with the health stuff and still trying to keep on top of a house and three busy little boys. Well, things have definately been better lately with us and I am starting to feel a little better too...but that may still take some time. I have apparently had this my whole life and my body needs time to heal.

    Anyway, on to much BETTER things. The only surprise DH has EVER given me was my engagement ring...and we were living together at the time. I knew it would happen but didn't know when. Well, last night I was in a really bad mood. I had my friend's 40th birthday party and my babysitter cancelled 2 hours before. I called every backup I knew and noone could make it. DH was in connecticut for his work holiday party. He couldn't leave for this. Well, I put the kids to bed and watched tv until he came home.

    When he got home, he told me he had gone shopping at a store called Mitchell's in Westport...:yahoo: for himself :cursing:. I tried not to be disappointed. I knew he was close to Hermes out there. He know I wanted something for Hanukkah. But to him buying an enamel bracelet is a major purchase.

    And he said that was what he originally had in his hand...So he brought the bag over for me to see. And starts yelling about how the store put the wrong box in his bag...and it is orange!!:p

    And BIG!!!!:heart::heart::heart: DH NEVER buys big orange boxes...and never surprises me!!
    DH's Surprise 003 PF.JPG
  2. POTH :heart::heart:
  3. WOO.........HOO.................

    Take it off!!
  4. Thanks Rose. I miss you. It has been so crazy but I think I am finally getting settled into everything. And DH, well, he has totally blown me away!!
  5. Woohoo!!!!!! Can't wait to see what is inside...
  6. aWWWWWWWWwwww..welcome back to the forum!
    we missed you!

    so good to know your happy!
    please no torture!
  7. Miss you too... PMing you with a possible lunch date....
  8. (((POTH!!!))) :heart:

    Missed you can't wait to see what your DH did that sweetheart! :heart:
  9. OMGooodness!!! so sorry to hear of all your recent bumps on the road, but i'm sure the orange something from your sweetie DH is def a quick fix for the time being!!!! at least it's always been for me! haha please hurry and reveal!!!! i can't wait!!
  10. So I looked at DH and he said, "yup, i did good!!!" Now, I will tell you that I had to make a quick run over to the H store at the shops at riverside this am when they opened b/c although I LOVED the bag I wasn't sure about the color. This is the one I exchanged for. Originally he picked out Potiron, b/c he know that it is the classic H color (so cute to even think that). But i figured it better be a color I will use for a VERY VERY long time. he did mention that this is a once in a lifetime bag!!!

    Any guesses?
    DH's Surprise 004 PF.JPG
  11. bring it on!
  12. Ok here is a little peek....

    I am so in love, with my new bag and DH!!!!

    DH's Surprise 005 PF.JPG
  13. Looking at your sig... guessing black, togo...Kelly?

    edit, edit!!! BJ!!
  14. BJ kelly!!!
  15. Kelly is my guess? Congratulations by the way and happy you are here!!!!!