Strike a Pose - Max & Callie

  1. In response to Megs' request for pictures of our babies with our bags (Purse Blog), I'd like to introduce you all to Max & Callie:


  2. how cute! I love the second picture:love:. What brand is the white purse?:biggrin:
  3. OHH! How cute! Lovely bags, too!
  4. Lovely Furla and pup combo! Max & Callie are precious!
  5. Cuties!!!
  6. I love your pups!!! Terriers are mischievous but they're so adorable and such clowns. My first Jack Russell's best friend was a Westie. Those 2 were crazy together. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics!!
  7. They are adorable!
  8. Thanks Livin! Both bags are Furla. The white one is the Farrah (which I bought from another PFer). I chose it for the pic because Callie doesn't show up in pictures very well without the white background!
  9. Thanks Serenity. I too love all terriers. They have such great personalities! These two are the best of friends - they've been together since they were pups and are rarely separated.
  10. Great spot on the bags Mewlicious! I get lots of comments on those bags but usually people don't know them without asking. I should have known that the PFers would recognize them right away! :flowers:
  11. Great pictures! And what cutie pies :heart:3 They make me want a Furla bag, lol!
  12. Awwwh shucks :shame::shame: I think the Farrah is just TDF! You have lovlies with pooches and purses! :biggrin:
  13. Awww! I am loving these pictures! :heart:
  14. Just adorable!
  15. Thanks for sharing! The bags are lovely and the dogs are SOOO ADORABLE!!!