Strictly Ergos!

  1. Okay, since I havent been on here for several weeks, I got a couple questions about ergos! Which style do you like more? Tote, or Hobo? Which Size? Leather or Fabric? Anyone with modeling pics? I wanna drool over Ergos too!! Thanks in advanced!
  2. Great thread idea! I'm very specific on which Ergos I like. I greatly prefer the hobo to the tote and my favourite size is Large (gotta love the turnlock and the slouch). I don't dislike the Tote, but I can only see myself carrying that for a book bag or a school tote or the like.

    I'm all about the leather. I'm that way for all bags though, so that's no change for me. I adore colours so of course I love the Turquoise and the Red Patent. I love the patent in general actually and also love the Black patent.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire the Large Turquoise Hobo over PCE (a sweet gift from my BF) and Have been obsessing over it since.

    I'm still getting used to my digital camera, but once i figure out how to get all the technical stuff sorted out, i'll post pics of it (and hopefully the rest of my collection as i've never posted pictures yet...i know, shame on me). Of course there will be modeling pics asap.
  3. I am lusting for a large red patent ergo hobo right now. I am on a mission to find/order one tomorrow.
  4. I bought a sig Ergo Hobo when they first came out but ended up returning it...just wasn't that thrilled with it. Although, maybe if I had gone with leather it would've been better.
    NOW I have the Turquoise Tote and I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! It is perfect! It goes with ANY color, and is good to carry year-round. I LOVE how I can see everything in it - it doesn't all fall/squish together like in a hobo.
    Here's me, in a few different outfits, wearing my Turquoise Tote....
    Ref: I am appx. 5'9" and 130lb.
    IMG_2172.JPG IMG_2251.JPG IMG_2253.JPG
  5. I have several Ergos from this year. I have the red tote, Mahogany Patent Hobo and the Vintage vachetta tote. Love them all!! Can't wait for the Fall Ergos!!!
    I usually only buy things I really love. I am loving the Ergos this year but if I don't like anything down the road which more than likely will happen once they remove the Ergos from Coach for another four years - I am happy to know that I have enough to last me until the next ones come along!!!
    IMG0002_1.jpg IMG0001_1.jpg IMG0001_2.jpg IMG0001_5.jpg
  6. LOVE your bags, Liz!!! The Red Patent looks so bright and pretty outside - I saw one at the Boutique last night and it looked like a DARKER red.
  7. [​IMG]
    I love my signature hobo this bag is very roomy can really fit alot in there and also the pocket in the front is great!! highly recommened this bag but I guess one will have to get it at the outlet now!!
  8. Here are my Ergos from 2002. Can you tell that I really love these bags.
  9. I like the leather hobos
  10. LOVE your Scribble Flower Charm (right??)!!!!!!
  11. I am not wild about this picture of myself, but here it is nonetheless. I'm modeling my turquoise medium hobo. I'm 5'5 for reference, and the weight shall remain a secret. :p
  12. my teeny tiny family...until the new collection comes out that is:


    On my shoulder...I'm smiling because my husband is making fun of me taking pics. And yes I have on PJs so don't talk about my outfit!

  13. the turquoise medium hobo looks great :tup:. i like all turquoise hobos :nuts:.
  14. I have the large vachetta ergo tote and the vachetta ergo hobo, and I LOVE them both! The hobo is sooo roomy but stays really light, which is great for an every day running around with my kids bag.

    The large tote is replacing a much loved leather tote I've had for about ten years--was looking for a bag that could handle all my books, magazines, goodies and such when I'm at work. It's also a great travel and carryon bag.

    Can't say enough about it, except that they aren't at my outlet yet.
  15. I LOVE my white Ergo hobo and have used it as my "summer bag" since I bought it. It's very versatile and I can change the look with a simple scarf!

    (Sorry for the poor photo)