Strictly Balenciaga

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  1. So I'm looking at my current handbag collection (LV, Chloe, Gucci and some others) and I'm seriously considering letting them all go to only strictly carrying Balenciaga! :nuts:

    So my question is this: How many PF'ers out here are strictly bbag carriers? And if so, how long have you been only carrying bbags? Do you ever find an itch to add variety or do you think think bbags will forever be your signature? :okay:
  2. I am considering letting my Batignolles Vertical go.....

    and I just got her two weeks ago! what's wrong with me? oh yeah--- I HIT THE BALENCIAGA TRAIN HEAD ON!!

  3. I have been collecting LVs for over 5 years. within the last few months i have been buying B bags and been saving for the new colors to release. i have sold many of my monogram and damier LV bags and kept the Limited Ones.
  4. that is so funny that you asked this question! i am becoming a bal only kinda girl! i have a few lv's that i am keeping but the rest are outta here! they are addictive! after having carried something so light, i am now spoiled for life and everything feels so heavy!
  5. I like having the variety of brands in my collection. I adore bbags but sometimes I need another style when bbags won't fill the bill. Sometimes those occasions occur during work or at formal events, so it's good to have another brand to use.
  6. I have downsized my LV collection to prepare for my first bbag purchase. Who knows, after I get to feel the leather of my bbag, I may downsize even more. :nuts: But, I would like to keep a variety of bags.
  7. I am strictly a Bbag girl! I have been wearing Bbags for about a year now and I don't tend to stop anytime soon. I LOVE these bags and can't imagine liking any other designer more.
  8. I have come to love bbags because of the colors and styles- I am very spoiled now by the AWESOME shoulder straps on the moto styles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    p.s. I'm usually a label addict but OMG- this leather- it's not everyday to me- in terms of touchy-feely-oh-my-who-woulda-thought-goats-could-produce-this!!!!!! + I got my first compliment by a very young worker at the grocery store.... her eyeballs almost popped out when I told her it was BALENCIAGA!! I'm such an enabler!!!!!!!!!! heehee
  9. For the strictly bbag carriers, which bbags do you wear for formal wear (i.e. with suits, etc).
  10. I wear my black Box with dress clothes.
  11. I got seriously into Bals about 2 years ago... and in the past 5 years the following came and went:
    -Marc Jacobs
    -Ursule Beaugeste
    -Gucci (including vintage)
    -LV (some vintage as well)
    -Anna Corinna
    no regrets about any of them... in the end, I was glad to sell them and put the money toward Balenciaga.
  12. i love bbags, especially because of its lightness, shoulder strap and fun colour, but when i'm wearing formal suit for work, (i work in a very conservative working environment), i tend to grab my lv more then bbags. i dunno, its up to your personal opinion, but imho dont give up all of your bags, i think variety is sometimes necessary, and fun too, :smile:
  13. I sold my non B-bags and kept only two (1 Prada, 1 LV). The rest of my bags are Balenciagas and I carry them exclusively. I rarely (ok, never) get the itch to carry any other brand bag, so I think I did the right thing by focusing myself on Balenciagas only.

    I'm guessing that someday, I may have gotten Balenciaga all out of my system and will be ready for something different, namely Hermes. But who knows what will happen!

    For now, I'm gonna ROCK my Balenciagas and love every minute of it!
  14. I don't wear suits, but when I do dress up, I'll carry my Rose First, Black City, or Natural GH Brief.
  15. I have to admit that my last bag purchases were all bbags. So far, the bags that are heavily rotated are either bbags or LV, although my bbags get use more often nowadays. Comparing LVs and bbags are like comparing apples and oranges and each brand has its own merits. I have altogether given up on buying Gucci, Prada, Kate Spade and these bags are all gathering dust in my cabinet.
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