Stretching shoes?

  1. Has anyone had any luck stretching shoes out to make them a bit wider in the toe? I bought these Marc Jacobs wedges and they are very narrow. Problem is if I get them in a larger size, they will slide off my heel because of the thick wedge sole. Any tips? Do you get them done at a shoe repair place or can I just get those wooden shoe stretcher thingys? TIA!!
  2. It depends on what you prefer you can take it to the shoe repair place and they can stretch it for you or do it yourself.

    I bought a pair professional of shoe stretchers off eBay they are the 2 way stretchers (length & width) work like a charm! I spray shoe stretch spray you can buy from bootmakers on the inside of the shoe and put my shoe stretchers and hello comfy shoes :yahoo:
  3. i have the same prob with all my shoes...tight but a bigger size and they come off in the back...i definitely gotta try what bag-aholic said...anything to prevent blisters..ahhh
  4. where did ya buy them..My Saks SA will stretch shoes for ya in the store..LOl..If not..go to cobbler
  5. i got this shoe stretcher that lookes like any other wooden one but it's metal and it gets HOT. it works like a charm. kind scary lookin but it works!
  6. Take them to a shoe repair place. I had mine done at Saks and they did a great job.
  7. haha my mother always said the old remedy was to soak newspapers stuff inside the shoe & let dry :smile:
  8. i've tried walking in them with sweat socks (at home for a night type of thing ) it usually stretches them out after a couple of times.
  9. I would also love to know where to get shoe stretchers and stretching spray! I have a pair of gorgeous Chanel pumps that are too narrow for me to wear, and they've been sitting in my closet forever and it bugs me. I tried giving them to a friend but she wouldn't take them "because they were Chanel" :confused1:
  10. Thank you so much for this tip! I hadn´t even thought of that.
  11. keya - Your friend wouldn't take free Chanel? I would take free Chanel! :p
  12. no, she wouldn't :p
    I guess she thought they were too nice for me to give them to her without an occation, or something :shrugs: