Stretching Patent Leather Shoes?

  1. Have you guys ever tried stretching patent leather shoes? I've just bought a pair of patent leather pumps and they get a little bit tight at the part where it narrows to the point for my toes as the afternoon wears on (i guess my feet expand..>_<)

    So is it possible to stretch out patent leather shoes a tiny bit or will it crack??? help please!!!
  2. Yes, it's possible to stretch them out. There is a shoe boutique where I live and they do it all the time. They might wrinkle, but I don't think it will be anything major.
  3. Thanks for your help j'aime_vuitton! I don't know if its a wise decision to have them stretched out if its going to wrinkle it, since the shoe i bought is black and i really love the very structured look of it...what do you think?