Stretching Jeans - Is it possible?

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  1. help help help!

    I bought the world's COOLEST pair of True Religions for a super deal on eBay. Unfortunately, Chestnuts', er.. how you say it.... fabulous booty.... makes the jeans a wee bit snug... (can't get em done up)

    Is there any way to stretch them? Like, put them on wet and walk around or something?

    They're the Joey Big T 100% cotton variety with the rainbow pockets. I refuse to give them up, the deal was just tooo goood.

  2. I heard, but never tried, that if you fill a tub and sit in the tub with the jeans on (as much of it as you can pull up), the fabric will stretch. Keep pulling them up until they are the right size. Then walk around with them wet.

    I think this would only work if there is lycra in the jeans.

    Good luck!
  3. i have no idea...usually when they don't fit my size and are just a bit too small, i wear them to walk around in the house...i sit down, run until i can bear them...
    i think it can work, usually jeans stretch after a couple of times you wear them!
    good luck!;);)
  4. The magic formula is to wear them in the house, and walk around doing may be painful but it WORKS...Good Luck :biggrin:
  5. I have 7's, Citizen's and R&R's and they all stretch - you'll be fine, just have to have your lovely booty stretch them out a bit :smile:
  6. True Religions definitely loosen up over time with wear. Definitely wear them around the house and do ALL of your chores in them (but don't get them dirty of course). Although I don't know how tight they are, they should stretch enough for you to button them up (if that's the only problem you're having with them). The problem is that they're 100% cotton which means that they won't stretch nearly as much as some other pairs. Anyways, good luck
  7. Don't do the wet thing!! It will turn you blue...and you run the risk of
    having another problem (wet clothes=not good) Put them on and do squats they will stretch, especially since they are 100% cotton.
  8. TRs stretch after wear! The rigid actually stretch more than stretch. I think you'll be fine. If you can get them on they will stretch out by the end of the day.
  9. I thought the bath thing was so it becomes tighter? like when you get boots you put them in water so they mould to your foot or smoething. in any case i put them on as much as possible and jump around and walk around watch tv etc. is the problem zipping them up? or just gettin them over your bum.. cuz if its the bum think you need to wait and jump around stretch them etc. if its the zipping up thing, lay on the bed with them on. out a shoe lace through the zip and then pull and the zip shoudl come up. youwont be able to breathe but it should close them.. :smile:
  10. well you are very lucky cos denim is one of the fabrics which slowly streches yet retains its shape! jeans usually strech from 1 size to one and a half which is why you are supossed to buy snug jeans so they will still fit when they strech
  11. I have a pair of 7's that are 100% cotton that are a tad too snug. They stretched out a bit after wear but not too much, they specifically stretched out in the waist area though
  12. if they are authentic they will stretch...95% of TR on ebay is def. fake.
  13. I heard on HF that a lot of people put them on wet/damp and walk around the house bending over and doing squats and stuff.
  14. i am not really sure where i saw this as it was a while ago, but there is a hanger that you can buy specifically to stretch jeans lol could be as seen on tv junk but eh it could work supposedly it stretches them from 1/2 a size to a full size larger *shrugs* lol if all else fails it could be worth a try??