Stretching Boots?

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  1. has anyone ever allowed SAs at stores such as Neiman Marcus stretch out your boots or shoes for you?? I bought a pair of Prada boots at Neiman and its about .5 size too small..bc i worn it once, the SA said she can not allow me to exchange for the right size, but she said Neiman can "stretch" out the boots for me....has anyone ever tried it?? is it risky? i dont want to ruin my boots...

  2. I've taken boots to be stretched at a shoe repair place. If they do it slowly, over a few days there will be no problem. They can stretch them quite a bit.
  3. I too have had boots and shoes stretched (couple times by NM) and have not encountered a problem. Good luck.
  4. Really? Never knew that..handy information ^^
  5. Hi Im new here and I have a question about stretching boots. Im in love with a tall boot where the shaft circumference is only 12" and my calves are 16". Would it be possible for a shoe repair place to stretch a boot shalf 4"? Thanks!
  6. ^^No, they'd need to cut the boot and add an elastic panel or something like that.
  7. yikes. i dont think 4 inches is too possible. thats an awful lot and i hear the shaft is hard to stretch in general.
  8. I bought some absolutely stunning Celine boots, but it turned out that they're half a size too small and terribly narrow. The length is fine and they'd be perfect if I had, say, one less toe.

    I took it to the best shoe repair shop in town and they said stretching them was risky due to the stitching along the top (the stitching comes right down the top of the boot over the toe) so they'd have to stretch them a little bit at a time until they fit.

    I trust them - they're the experts - but now I'm terrified, and waiting a week to see if they're ok and if they fit is going to be almost impossible. So I wanted to ask, has anyone tried getting their shoes/boots stretched? And what was the outcome? Did it work, and was there any damage?
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    I have done it with good results but I didn't have stitching on my boots. Try this trick that I learned on the CL subforum for stretching CLs. I don't see why it wouldn't work on your boots. Wear thick socks that are soaked in alcohol where the sock would touch the parts of the boot that you want to stretch. Wear them around like that. The alcohol helps to stretch the leather. I don't know how or why it works but I tried it on some patent CLs and it worked. I actually wiped alcohol on the inside of the upper itself and then placed shoe stretchers in overnight but since your are boots you're going to have to wear them that way to stretch.

    Let me know if you try it and if it works. GL!
  10. Putting ziplock bags full of water into your boots and putting them (bags and boots) in the freezer also apparently stretches shoe sizes by 1/2 size!
  11. If you try the home stretching methods and they aren't working for you then maybe one other place to try is Nordstrom Salon Shoes dept, even if you didn't buy the shoes from them. They've were kind enough to stretch a pair of Tory Burch boots that I bought off eBay for free!
  12. If they have stitching down the top of the boot, I would seriously go with the professionals

    Were they gonna charge a lot?

    Also, I used the sock soaked in alcohol trick on a pair of my CL and it made the color bleed..... might be ok with boots though. Just my two cents.....
  13. Rather than using alcohol, I would wear a pair of lightweight socks wrung out in cold water in the boots for a couple of hours. Once dry, if the boots aren't stretched sufficiently I would do the same again, with slightly thicker socks. This system has worked for me on a couple of occasions.
  14. I bought some Steve Madden suede booties on the weekend (pictures attached) and they don't fit! I tried them on with the security tag on the zippers so I couldn't zip them up, but since they fit everywhere else, I just assumed they would when the tags were removed. Stupid thought I know, especially since when I went to wear them they wouldn't zip.

    They were on sale so they are a final sale.

    Anyone had any success with stretching out shoes or any tips? TIA!

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  15. You can take them to a cobbler to have them stretched. I had success stretching a pair of suede booties by wearing super thick socks with them around the house.