Stretching boots around the calf

  1. I have a pair of boots that are a bit thight around the calf. Has anyone ever taken them to a shoe repair shop to have them stretched, or streched them yourself? If so how did you do it.
  2. I've taken them to a boot place to have them stretched. They can stretch them quite a bit. It takes about a week because they have to do it slowly. It didn't cost much to get it done. I've had to have it done to several of my boots.
  3. I was wondering about that too. Thanks for the info! ^
  4. they actually stretched a pair for me at bloomingdales so that i'd buy them, lol. they actually only had to stretch the right one since my right calf is slightly larger, and it took about a half an hour, but it worked. i'm sure doing it longer would yield even better results.