Stretched Spirit MaryJane's

  1. What do you all think of these? I like really them, but I've received mixed reviews.

  2. I love those Mon! Especially with a dress. I am a fan of the MJ style guess it briings back the little girl in me and I am such a girly girl :smile:
  3. Mon- think this is a difficult heel height, but I'm sure you can pull it off!
  4. I think they are cute!
  5. They are not my favorite . . . but I have pretty big feet, and they look like they would make my feet look huge! I think that they would look adorable on a more petite frame/petite footed person.
  6. I think they're pretty nice but you'd have to have great ankles to pull it off. (thinking of my cankles right now).
  7. Most of the designer shoes I have are dressy and I'm looking for something I can wear with more casual clothes.

    I can't do the ballerina flats because I'm so short and feel I look silly, and thought these would be a good alternative.
  8. I think it depends on your legs and your shoe size lol but they are super cute!
  9. Get them! I might take a look for them at my Saks, very cute. I think they'd look great for causal, even with jeans... How much are they?
  10. I think they are lovely and so classic. They will look beautiful on you.
  11. Not a fan. Would you still want them if they didn't have the CC on the side?
  12. Would you still want them if they didn't have the CC on the side?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I end up asking myself that question, even though I hate it when I do - LOL
  13. I really like them! Also, from the picture, they seem to have a nice cut on the foot... not too covered which would make a MJ look too young... this one is cut very nicely!
  14. they are a nice alternative to the flats, if you need a bit of height.
    they're very cute, but i think i would not like how they made my ankles look---instead of cankles-- the nicer way to say it is peasant ankles bc the peasant women needed strong legs to carry food etc back and forth in days past...or so said my stepdad when he insulted my ankles:rolleyes: ...maybe he made up the story to get him out of putting his foot in his mouth!:p
    anyways, you will prob look adorable in them, so go for it!:yahoo:
  15. I like them!

    They'd look cute with a knee-length skirt or with a pair of tailored pants to wear to work :yes: